Hermes has exclusive $699 AirTag Travel Tag, $570 iPhone 12 MagSafe case



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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member
    sdw2001 said:

    Obviously we are dealing with a top luxury brand that has prices most people can’t afford and find obscene  That being said, what really gets me is the people who seem to be criticizing the excess of it, as if the people who would buy these things are committing some sort of moral crime by doing so instead of giving money away to the poor.  

    Remember, someone has to make these products, market them, etc. [snip]
    No they don't.
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    Even if you are a multi-millionaire, the moment you purchase a $699 case for your $29, you are officially a douchebag and a moron.  
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    elijahg said:
    How much??? $699 for $5 of leather, $29 AirTag and $10 assembly cost? The company should be investigated for fraud, what a joke.
    You might call it excessive, extravagant, unaffordable but did you just say Hermes leather is $5 and $10 to assemble? LOL. How many Hermes products do you own to come to that conclusion? Just buy your leather products from Amazon. Just because I cannot afford a Ferrari, I'm not going to make an asinine assertion on the price of aluminum/steel used to make it.
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    I can appreciate a $10k IWC chronometer for the exquisite craftsmanship and the fact that it will last not one but several generations. A $10k Apple Watch? I don’t think so, and Apple came to the same conclusion post Ive. Where are those $10k Apple watches now?

    An Hermes leather strap is not going to last a generation, has no additional utility, marginally better aesthetics (maybe) and therefore only serves to advertise conspicuous consumption or vanity. 

    Different tropes for different folks.
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