Apple TV+ review: 'The Mosquito Coast' a slog that wastes a strong cast



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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,606member
    The reviewer should always state how many episodes they got to see, this is best practice. As is I don’t know where he’s coming from. 

    We watched the first two and thought it enjoyable. 
    If it's less than "the entire season," we say so.
    Great, good to know. But this should be in the review since most readers won’t know that’s the case. This is how it’s done on Vox, Vulture, NPR, etc…it just shares that needed info with the reader so they know where you’re coming from. It’s value add. 
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    Trey_LanceTrey_Lance Posts: 98member
    I love this show! Beautifully filmed! 
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    Trey_LanceTrey_Lance Posts: 98member
    Read other reviews on MC. They have been rather brutal. I'll skip it.

    Btw, Ted Lasso is simply superb. I have not laughed so loudly and hard since the third season of Big Bang Theory. 
    I don’t let people tell me what or how to think when I can use my own brain and judge.
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    Trey_LanceTrey_Lance Posts: 98member
    Also, I think it’s great they didn’t turn the show in to an iPhone commercial. I don’t think that should be a requirement. As a plus it will not give away the bad guys 
    Lol , SEE or For All Mankind were iPhone commercials?
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    bestkeptsecretbestkeptsecret Posts: 4,264member

    It's also a bit incongruous for Apple, of all companies, to put out a show about a guy who so thoroughly rejects consumerism, although that also means there's a lot fewer iPhones on screen than in a typical contemporary Apple TV+ show. Allie at one point even tells his daughter she can't have a phone.

    This line doesn't seem to make any sense. Why is it incongruous? Because Apple wants to sell stuff to people? Is Apple trying to make a statement by having the protagonist reject consumerism, or is the series just fiction?

    Is Apple being incongruous by being an American company and saying the Russians won the space race in For All Mankind? 
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    Watched first 3 episodes and enjoyed it. Good acting and beautiful cinematography. BTW, it is not slow, just suspenseful. Quality TV.
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