Hunter Douglas PowerView shades review: The most luxe experience a HomeKit user could ask ...



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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,820administrator
    MacPro said:
    neilm said:
    I bought a set of Hunter Douglas remote controlled blinds for our bedroom a long time ago — maybe 15 years? So obviously not the same product offered today. However they were so finicky and unreliable that after a few weeks I had to take them down and scrap them. Apparently they were designed by idiots and assembled by monkeys. But hey, at least they were really expensive too!

    It would take a whole lot of evidence to persuade me to buy this kind of product from Hunter Douglas again. Fool me once...
    While I can't speak to your HD experience, I bought a Performa 475 in mid-1994. It was poorly assembled and was super finicky and unreliable. A few weeks later, I returned it for a Performa 630.

    That worked out okay.
    Talking of which, did you see the reports starting to come out that the M1 iMacs have screens that are not level? Screengate here we come.
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    Power shades that respond to voice control are life changing.  The next big home gadget.  Its also possible using IFTTT to lower the shades when the UV index outside reaches a certain level.
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    docno42docno42 Posts: 3,755member
    All that talk and no mention of price and/or the number one HomeKit enabled shades (IKEA).

    I’ve got 10 of the ikea shades. Installed 5 in January and another 5 a few months later. At $150 each, there’s no competitor insight that can match them. 
    Bali has excellent honeycomb automated shades in the $300-$350 range, depending on size of course.   There is no comparison to the quality of the actual shade material - honeycomb shades are far more substantial than the Ikea shades.  I have a couple of high (2nd story high in a room with a high ceiling) and motorized shades are pretty much a necessity.  Aside from looking bad, corded shades just don't work well when you are a floor away trying to operate them :tongue: 

    Don't get me wrong - I love the Ikea shades for what they are and that they are exposing automation to the masses, but they are far from the only value out there.   I think Bali might have their own homekit bridge - the nice thing is since they are based on zwave they integrated flawlessly with my existing zwave infrastructure 

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    I know this is an old thread, but perhaps someone is still out there…

    I have about 25 Hunter Douglas shades connected via HomeKit. Some of them experience consistent mysterious delays. For example, when I say “Hey, Siri, open the shades in the living room” three of the five move immediately. The two others don’t respond initially, but one to two minutes later they do open. 
    I can see from the flashing lights on the repeaters that HomeKit is re-issuing the command. Is there some built-in function to make doubly sure the command has worked? How can I get all the shades to respond in the first round?

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