Apple giving iOS 15 users choice between new and old Safari design



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    payecopayeco Posts: 580member
    elijahg said:
    Good. The new design is clunky, and doesn’t work unless sites explicitly code for it. And why should they? That stinks of MS’s tricks with IE in the 90’s and early 2000s.  Now there’s a toggle, barely any sites will code for it therefore it’ll never work properly anyway. 

    It just doesn’t work well, constantly making footers jump up and down or worse, hide underneath. I keep missing the address button and hit reload instead too. I can’t decide whether having two layers of swipeable tabs (app switcher being first layer) is better or not, I don’t really find it useful especially with the added clunkiness of accessing bookmarks etc. 

    Controls at the bottom is good, and that’s something that should be the case in all iOS apps. Having the back button as far away from most people’s thumb as possible is bad design. 
    The actually fixed the website issues in the latest beta because they got rid of the floating pill and attached the URL bar to the bottom of the screen.
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