'Fortnite' not coming back to iOS or Mac any time soon



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    aderutter said:
    So Epic continue with a bad attitude and keep bad mouthing Apple and wonder why Apple won’t let them back in?

    Maybe if Epic retract all the bad things they have said, maybe if they publically state that they were wrong and Apple were right all along, maybe if Epic admit that what they did was childish and a breach of contract, maybe if they apologise to Apple in the newspapers, maybe if they state that they will abide by the same rules as others and not pursue any appeals or attempt to bring new court cases. Maybe then Apple should consider letting them back in. Maybe.

    I feel the same way. Why would they do business with a company that continues to behave in bad faith when they don’t have to. Epic looked at how Microsoft, Google, and Samsung abused their partnership with Apple and was kept around. The difference is Apple actually depended on them for something that would have a material effect on their business. Apple does not need Epic at all. 

    Continuing to do business with them is actually a risk to their business. One that is becoming clearly not worth it. 
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    Just from a legal perspective, it seems clear why Apple would not allow Epic back in when appeals are still being made to the judgement. The "reneged" started with Epic and continues to this day with the appeal, so Apple see no merit in returning to a standard contract with them...the Epic PR is classic "speaking out both sides of your mouth".
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    What’s really funny is Epic filed the first appeal. And no court would disagree with Apple that they can wait until the case is decided and closed. It’s not a legal question at all. Epic just continues to screw it up. Greed…
    In fact if you read the ruling, Apple is allowed to terminate Epic's developer status for any reason whatsoever.  So if Sweeney wasn't a narcissistic, greedy sociopath he would be doing everything he could to fix the relationship.
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    “OMG they shot themselves in the foot, and decided to reload.”
    Ha! Ha!! That’s the best summary I’ve heard yet!

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