Apple & EU slammed for dangerous child abuse imagery scanning plans



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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member
    Sage1111 said:
    Ironic because this is exactly the type of software the public or citizenry need to mandate on Government Officials’ mobile phones and electronic devices, and by extension the top 1% or elite that by no coincidence run in the same circles. This is where the head of snake resides, and is the base of operations for big money and the global industrial networks of child sex rings, child sex slavery and mega kiddy porn. The psychopath elite have been essentially immune to law and justice as it applies to the peasants. These monsters want to scan your devices for their own protection. Think about it, if you some how end up with an incriminating image of one of the elite in the act of crime. They're giving themselves the permission and power to essentially remotely scan your device, identify and disappear potentially incriminating images or legal evidence. And think about transnational organ harvesting operations, and the type of people and big money involved there. This CSS so called safety feature is total bs as its being sold to general public. CSS is actually about protecting the elites’ interests, entitlement, and power to continue doing as they please. .
    And they're all lizards too!
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