Apple Silicon chips expected to be refreshed on an 18 month cycle



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    I think this is a mistake. 

    Apple saw their sales rocket after the M1 debut. People were curious and excited. 

    They need to keep the momentum going. The m1 max is a great start, but too long of delays allows the competition to catch-up. 

    The hard work is already done with the phone it doesn’t take so long to have higher performing derivative SOCs ready. Especially if developed after the a series begins production. 

    Ahead and a half before next generation is not the greatest 

    on one hand, this makes economic sense since Apple need to sell a number of Macs topay for each M series design. But on the other, Apple stands to sell slot ore Macs with quicker releases of nextgen hotness. 

    The multi-die strategy helps, but not the same as moving to a new design. 

    Perhaps they learn from iPhone yields first before investing in miseries development -which is substantialbeyond the a series starting point. 
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