Apple TV+ lands Harrison Ford for starring role in 'Shrinking'

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"Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" icon Harrison Ford has signed with Apple TV+ to star in "Shrinking," a new comedy from the makers of "Ted Lasso."

Harrison Ford (Source: Gage Skidmore)
Harrison Ford (Source: Gage Skidmore)

Harrison Ford began his acting career on television with guest roles in series from "The Virginian" to "Petrocelli." Other than appearing as himself, in a 2014 TV movie, and a cameo in 1993's "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," he hasn't been on television since "The Star Wars Holiday Special" in 1978.

Now, according to Deadline, he has signed to star in "Shrinking" for Apple TV+. After what the publication describes as lengthy negotiations, he will co-star with Jason Segel in the comedy.

"Shrinking" is written and executive produced by Bill Lawrence, and actor, write, producer Brett Goldstein. Both are now best known for co-creating "Ted Lasso" with Jason Sudeikis.

Segel reportedly plays a grieving therapist who starts telling his patients exactly what he thinks, and what they should do. Ford plays a successful therapist recently diagnosed with Parkinson's.

Lawrence and Goldstein are presently also working on the third season of "Ted Lasso," which has begun filming.

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    Just don’t let him near the cockpit of an airplane and we’re good
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,913member
    As long as he doesn’t yell at me about “following science“

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    I'm excited about Brett Goldstein being involved! 

    You guys had to mention the Star Wars Holiday Special, didn't you?
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,239member
    Shrinking may end up being a reference to Ford's talent. I've found him increasingly disappointing over the last several years. Maybe the Lasso team can make a go if it. For the moment it sounds like House meets physiotherapy, which could be definitely be funny with the right talent. Maybe Ford is the guy.

    Lasso is great of course but the standout for me is Goldstein. All the characters are great but he make sweary Roy Kent seem so natural it makes me really laugh. I don't suppose we'll see him in front of the camera in this. I'll truly miss Roy Kent.
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