Apple shows off durability of Apple Watch in new 'Hard Knocks' ad

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The Apple Watch Series 7's toughness is celebrated in a new Apple video showing the countless times it has to cope with "hard knocks."

Apple has debuted a new 98-second ad for Apple Watch on YouTube, showing it shoved, slammed, dunked in water, and dropped in a toilet.

Set to Jack White's "Power of My Love" track, the video shows Apple Watches getting treated badly in ways that range from familiar, through funny, and on to wince-inducing.

The Apple Watch Series 7 Hard Knocks video concludes with the claim that this is "the most durable Apple Watch ever." Separately, recurring rumors about future Apple Watches now claim that the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will feature a rugged and toughened version.

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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,630member
    They are tough indeed. I’ve owned every model, and the only one that “broke” was the first when the guts fell out the back. This was after I had migrated it to my wife, having bought the succeeding model. Screens are the only part I routinely scratch. Usually take advantage of the generous AppleCare+ replacement deal before migrating. Granted, I volunteer doing habitat restoration in a local State Park a couple of times a week, but still, would be nice if screen on the standard watch were tougher. Seriously considering upgrading to the stainless one just to get the tougher crystal—especially since the watch has reached the point of development where yearly changes are smaller. 
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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,659member
    I'm fairly tall and my wrist is exactly at the height of most doorknobs meaning my watch has repeatedly gotten banged into them and it has nary a scratch on it! Far more abuse than a tennis ball, splash of mud or water but it keeps ticking along. (does a digital watch tick?)
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,903member
    I broke my first gen working on my car. Pried the face off I guess. I got a gen 3 a friend gave me with a cracked face I need to replace. But by & large they are pretty durable for what they are.
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