Apple Music rolls out to Tesla cars in holiday software update



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    We finally got our Model Y in August after waiting 11 months from order date.  It’s the first new car we’ve ever owned. It’s amazing, but would like to have CarPlay on it.  If Rivian is a better car then buy it, but to me it’s idiotic to make (or cancel) a car purchase because of any person at the company.  
    Earlier in this thread I commented that people may make their car buying decisions based on the words or actions of Elon Musk. 

    I just read an article on Wired that mentions just that. 

    Personally, I probably wouldn’t buy another Tesla,” he says. “A, because there’s so many alternatives and B, I just don’t like [Musk] anymore.”

    As I said, people have choices. If they like two cars equally but something about one company runs then the wrong way that could be enough to sway them. 
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