Rumor: iPhone 15 USB-C cable limited to USB 2.0 speeds, has no MFi



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    bbhbbh Posts: 134member
    Like most of us, I guess, I too conflated the "USB 2.0" speed furor as Apple cheaping out. When I read up on TB Cables, versus simple plain USB-C cables, I had my eyes opened. What Apple is PROBABLY going to include is a CHARGING cable. Like someone else mentioned somewhere, comparing a charging cable to a T4 cable is like comparing a Porsche to a basic transport automobile.

    We are NOT being screwed by Apple. A CHARGING cable is all you NEED. If you need high speed data transfer, unlike most of us, you can buy the much more complex and expensive Thunderbolt cable. Relax. 
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    jimh2jimh2 Posts: 576member
    None of this matters as most people do not transfer data via the lightning or USB port. 
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    The iPhone 14 Pro series chips currently do not support Thunderbolt. These same Pro version chips will be in the iPhone 15 base models. The iPhone 15 Pro series chips will be able to support  Thunderbolt. The iPhone 16 base models will get the Thunderbolt support from the iPhone 15 Pro series chips. Seems pretty clear that is the plan for the top models to get the latest and greatest chips.

    The positive way to look at this the base series will be getting proven technology while the Pro series get the experimental new chips.....
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