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Thought that would get your attention.

Throughout many of these threads multiple people chime in with what they think is right, wrong or where the limits should be drawn by the law regarding various areas of our lives. Some people are open to pretty much anything, others draw their lines in different places for different reasons.

This thread is not about the deep convictions. If you can get the reasons out in a sentence I suppose that is okay. This thread is simply about where do you draw your lines about how you and other people live. Please try to use short statements and be to the point. Also please do not start bashing on certain users for having different answers than yourself.

After the thread hits, say 75+ responses it is free to devolve into something besides just stating what your beliefs are, then you can have the free for all of debate. Also please try to wait to the 75 reply mark to ask for any clarifications, because those sometimes are backhanded attacks.

The catagories (if I miss any, please feel free to add your own)

Abortion (yes, no , or when)

Drug Legalization (yes, no or what)

Bedroom Sex Acts(Anything goes or missionary?)

Drinking Age (21-18, 5?)

Homosexual Rights (marriage, civil unions, nothing?)

Trade (Free or Fair)

Taxes (how high, flat/progressive)

Religion (government and personal)

Education (compulsary/home until what age and who pays?)

Family (What is a family?) goes....

Abortion - no with exception of rape and incest.

Drug Legalization - no, and I wouldn't mind if tobacco and alcohol disappeared either.

Bedroom Sex - Anything goes WITH ADULTS, just reap what you sow.

Drinking Age - 18, I don't like having multiple tiers of "adult"

Homosexual Rights - I support civil unions with full legal rights equivalent to marriage

Trade - I believe in fair trade, not free trade.

Taxes - Enough to do basic roles, no income redistribution.

Religion - No state sponsored religion, no state laws against religious speech.

Education - I believe in vouchers and compulsary schooling to about age 16.

Family - My family definition is anyone you are willing to sacrifice both physically and financially for. It has no preset make up.

Anything I forgot?



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    Abortion - Yes

    Drug Legalization - No. Ban tobacco. Keep alcohol.

    Bedroom Sex - No incest, rape, child porn.. I sound like a Direct Connect Hub disclaimer...

    Drinking Age - Undecided.

    Homosexual Rights - "I support civil unions with full legal rights equivalent to marriage." Same here.

    Trade - I do not believe in Free Trade.

    Taxes - Undecided.

    Religion - No state sponsored religion in any way- vouchers, "under god," etc.

    Education - Increase public funding. NO vouchers. Better support for arts/ music programs.

    Family - Undecided.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I'm not smart enough to effectively participate, but I'll pop in to just say this: this thread is destined to be a WINNER! Good luck.

    Holy shit...this could get ugly.

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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    Abortion (no, with same exceptions as above, but only because i would never be outlawed otherwise. i still believe it's murder)

    Drug Legalization (yes, it's stupid to try and keep people from getting high. just treat it like alcohol with similar restrictions.)

    Bedroom Sex Acts(Anything goes)

    Drinking Age (maximum should be the same as the draft age. could be lower than 18 i wouldn't care. alcohol is a problem because people don't know how to drink properly.)

    Homosexual Rights (undecided)

    Trade (Free)

    Taxes (flat sales tax with clothing/food etc. excemptions)

    Religion (private, govt. should stay out)

    Education (compulsary until 16, states pay.?)

    Family (people who you care about, and who care about you)
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    xionjaxionja Posts: 504member
    Abortion-- Yes

    Drug Legalization-- Yes, everyone has a right to harm themselves.

    Bedroom Sex-- As long as its in the bedroom, anything goes.

    Drinking Age-- 18 w/ education about responsibility, not just saying no.

    Homosexual Rights-- Same rights as heterosexuals.

    Trade-- too dumb for this one.

    Taxes-- ditto

    Religion-- everyone should choose what they want, and be free to practice it, the gov should not have anything to do with it, and people should not try to convert other people

    Education-- Compulsary till 18 funded by the goverment, cause having a smart population is good.

    Family-- Its biological, nothing more, unless you want it to be, and most people do.
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    nebulousnebulous Posts: 193member
    Abortion - Yes

    Drug Legalization - No, except for medicinal purposes. I agree with Shawn on this - ban tobacco, keep alcohol.

    Bedroom Sex - Anything goes, except rape and other harmful actions without consent.

    Drinking age - 18, perhaps earlier. People just need to be educated thoroughly on the consequences.

    Homosexual rights - Homosexuals are entitled to the same rights and priveledges as everyone else in our society. They are equals and should be able to marry as such if they so desire.

    Trade - No opinion... yet.

    Taxes - Once again, no opinion.

    Religion - Keep religion out of the government, and let people choose for themselves.

    Education - Compulsary until college.

    Family - I could not possibly keep my written definition concise enough for this topic.

    New category: Assisted suicide (i.e. Dr. Kevorkian. yes? no? other opinions?) - Yes
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    Abortion - yes

    Drug Legalization -no

    Bedroom Sex Acts- anything goes

    Drinking Age -18

    Homosexual Rights- marriage

    Trade - free

    Taxes - progressive

    Religion- none

    Education -compulsory, subsidised

    Family - loving wife with 2 kids
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Abortion - up until the point where the embryo's heart develops. Under special circumstances, of course.

    Drug legalization - Depends on the drug. Weed? Yes. Treat it just like Tobacco. Crazy stimulants like Angel Dust/PCP...uh no. My position on smoking as well is to completely ban it from public locales, but on your own property, puff away.

    Bedroom sex - anything goes

    Drinking age - none

    Homosexual rights - no opinion

    Trade - fair

    Taxes - income tax flat, luxury taxes.

    Religion - no government role, incuding every little detail. "In God we trust" on coins and "under God" in the Pledge of Alegiance not excepted.

    Education - public education at the elementary level needs to be overhauled. K-5.

    Family - no opinion


    Capital punishment - no

    compulsory military service - no
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    enaena Posts: 667member
    Abortion--no, and if necessary, the mother should go to the wall for her child

    Drug Legalization---yes, if only to avoid organized crime

    Bedroom Sex Acts---nothing anal

    Drinking Age---whenever you're ready

    Homosexual Rights---none, keep it in the shadows where it will always be

    Trade---Free, no slave labor

    Taxes---flat 10%, no deductions

    Religion---oxymoron, your religion chooses you, not vice versa

    Education---home, private, and public with the money going to who is bringing home the goods

    Family---Man and women---lifelong commitment, anything else is mental mastrubation.
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    naderfannaderfan Posts: 156member
    Abortion: No, except in cases of rape, incest, and danger to the life of the mother.

    Drug Legalization: Yes, prohibition rarely works

    Bedroom Sex Acts: As long as it's between two consenting adults, anything goes.

    Drinking Age: 18-if you can do everything else, why not drink.

    Homosexual Rights: Same as heterosexuals

    Trade: Until we can get real free trade, I'm for fair.

    Taxes: Communism. Just kidding. I like the idea of a flat income tax with luxury taxes, except on food and clothing that's reasonably priced. (Once you get to $300.00 for a shirt, it becomes a luxury. And to avoid confusion, I'll decide what's reasonably priced. )

    Religion: Keep as separate as possible. Any government involvement should pass the Lemon Test created by the Supreme Court in Lemon v Kurtzman.

    Education: Public, but try to keep classes small and all schools as equal as humanly possible.

    Family: Too hard to define. Definately needs to be love, respect, and a willingness to sacrifice.

    This is a great thread.
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    brbr Posts: 8,395member
    You will see a theme here...

    Abortion: None of my business. Let the woman choose.

    Drug Legalization: None of my business. Ingest whatever the fvck you want.

    Bedroom Sex Acts: None of my business. Fvck whatever you want (until you infringe upon the rights of another).

    Drinking Age: 18 to buy, minors can drink at home with parental supervision. Drunk driving is much more strictly punished.

    Homosexual Rights: None of my business. Get married. I don't care.

    Trade (Free or Fair): Frair.

    Taxes: Flat and low.

    Religion (government and personal): None of my business...none of the government's either.

    Education (compulsary/home until what age and who pays?): Public compulsory schooling until 16. Teaching is a highly respected, highly paid, highly competitive position.

    Family (What is a family?): Blood means nothing. Your friends are what matters. Nothing stops your family from being your friends.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    Abortion: yes

    Drug Legalization: yes

    Bedroom Sex Acts: yes

    Drinking Age: none

    Homosexual Rights: same as heterosexual

    Trade: unsure

    Taxes: 40% is the max I'd accept. Flat/progressive is better

    Religion: should never be known in public

    Education: compulsary, should be available at some level for life

    Family: ? Not sure about this one.


    Public Breast Feeding: yes

    Assissted Suicide: yes
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    spartspart Posts: 2,060member
    Abortion: No bar unwilling pregnancy.

    Legalization of drugs: I would say treat weed with the same laws you apply to alcohol, but then again I like clean air that wont give me a buzz. So ban everything but alcohol, and good-smelling pipe tobacco. Mmm...pipe tobacco...

    Bedroom Sex: Anything goes utilizing any orifice, number, and sex (M/F.) Willing, however, no child molestation etc.

    Drinking Rights: 18+.

    Homosexual Rights: Doesn't bother me if they can get married. I'm not hobbled by a religion that tells people what to think.

    Trade: Fair.

    Taxes: Dunno, but a decrease in the loopholes. I get to decide what's a loophole and what's a reward for being a good citizen.

    Religion: Gov't-none. Personal-none.

    Education: Compulsory till 16, government funded. National law not to exclude curriculum in dissagreement with a few fanatics. I wont go into a tirade about censorship.

    Family: I know it when I see it. Since different people have different definitions of the word, I wont comment more.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    I support public breast feeding, as for the rest, I can be bribed.
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    giaguaragiaguara Posts: 2,724member
    Abortion - yes (whenever the woman wants it)

    Drug Legalization - yes (all)

    Bedroom Sex Acts - everything is legal and allowed as the persons involved with it enjoy it and don't hurt the people or animals not involved in their behaviour

    Drinking Age - 18 (or 21, not a big deal. drinking should not be a big tabu)

    Homosexual Rights - the same as heterosexuals have

    Trade - free. but whatever makes the poorer countries to trade better as well

    Taxes - minimal - if you want kids or healthcare, education etc, pay for it

    Religion - like your underwear. keep it private. never state-own

    Education - government pays. compulsory at least untill y ou are 16, but more options than now. some people study better late at night / evening, so evening schoool possibilities at least in big cities ...

    Family - is a unit that tries to minimize the taxes it has to pay. consists of adult(s) and possibly kid(s) living in the same ... house.
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    naderfannaderfan Posts: 156member
    I just saw the possible new category of assisted suicide: Yes
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Abortion - legally available, while encouraging programs to reduce their need, such as education and contraception, including morning-after-type pills.

    Drug legalization - no. Don't care if people use them, but don't want people allowed to profit from selling them.

    Bedroom - Yes, only the missionary position should be legal. (That just makes the rest of it that much more fun because it's illegal. I never had better sodomy then when I lived in Georgia.)

    Drinking - 21 does seem high. It was 18 for me when I was 18, and that seemed about right.

    Homosexual rights - some form of legal recognition for tax/insurance etc. purposes. But I'm definitely against men and dogs getting married. I'm with Santorum on that.

    Trade - Free. A strong WTO is a good thing.

    Taxes - high enough to pay for what we spend. More progressive than they are now. The federal income tax should be very progressive - like only the top 1/3 should pay them, because so many of our other taxes are so regressive.

    Religion - believe in strong separation of church & state - no school prayer, no nativity scenes on public property, no faith-based Bush programs.

    Education - haven't thought about that. I suppose we're good where we are now.

    Family - I don't get this one.

    Shit I guess I can't answer yes or no questions.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    Abortion: Yes, but not after the 17th trimester

    Drug Legalization: Ever watched a Cheech & Chong movie? Okay, then.

    Bedroom Sex Acts: Handholding and light, outside-of-blouse petting only. If you're married you can play with each other's hair and share a wine cooler.

    Drinking Age: 44

    Homosexual Rights: All rights, ONLY if we can all agree that "Will & Grace" sucks massively

    Trade: Ironworker

    Taxes: Never been, but I've heard Austin is a cool place!

    Religion: Nothing to do with goats

    Education: State-mandated paddlings...early and often

    Family:: Father, Mother, Mother's "friend" (who doesn't shave her armpits and framed her Melissa Etheridge backstage pass for display in the den), 2.3 kids (surly teen, surly pre-teen, surly adopted Chinese baby), golden retriever, cat named "Whiskers", a hamster, 2 gerbils (the father apparently has a deep, dark secret) and a butterfly collection (are butterflies considered pets? Hmm...). Anything other than that is an abomination and will not be tolerated.

    Good thread. I've learned a lot!
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    roborobo Posts: 469member
    ^^ ha ha.

    My views on these issues are boring, predictable, and Liberal, so i won't bother posting.

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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Oh goes nothing.....

    Abortion - only in cases of rape, incest or when mother's life is in danger

    Drug Legalization - only for LSD, reefer and speedballs.... kidding.

    Bedroom Sex Acts - As long as the people involved are all consenting adults, I don't give a damn what people do. Just keep your headboard away from my wall -- I need my sleep!

    Drinking Age - 18

    Homosexual Rights - Civil Unions is the best compromise I think

    Trade - Define Free, Define "Fair"

    Taxes - Fixed at no more than 35%, make up for higher bracket losses by taxing the shit out of tobacco. Might have the added benefit of reducing insurance premiums...

    Religion - In theory there should be separation of church and state. In reality courts ask us to swear with our hands on a bible, presidents get elected for their religious views, etc etc. Unless we plan to elect a bunch of agnostics and athiests, there will never be true separation.

    Education - parents should have the right to home school their kids until the 6th grade. After that, attending regular schools should be compulsory, otherwise the kid gets majorly screwed over socially and academically.

    Family - DNA, legal adoption, legal guardianship (friend of parents adopting orphaned child), etc.
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    Abortion - Yes, but the father should have some involvement in the matter, if the father is willing and capable of raising the child.

    Drug Legalization - Yes, treat them the same as alcohol is now.

    Bedroom Sex - Anything goes WITH CONSENTING HUMAN ADULTS, keep the non-consenting, children, and animals out...

    Drinking Age - 18, you have every other right but can't drink?

    Homosexual Rights - Sex/Sexual Preference should be no concern, anyone can marry anyone.

    Trade - Free, with conditions on human rights, labor standards.

    Taxes - Flat percentage, 10%-20% MAX, we need to minimize the size, expense, and involvement of government.

    Religion - No state sponsored religion, no state laws against religious speech.

    Education - State sponsored, from land taxes, until high-school graduation or age 20, which ever is first. More focus on impact, teach things that are relevant, no more poetry, story writing, music, etc... its nice, but not needed, and should be pursued on one's own... almost no one ever uses Shakespeare once out of school, its not needed in the "real world" its a waste of time better spent on fundamentals (basic logic, common sense) and math.

    Family - DNA, adoptions, guardianship.
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