This is REAL treason Ann Coulter: Someone is going to Jail or worse!



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    Anyone still think Ashcroft can be any part of this investagation in any way shape or form?


    A TIME review of federal and state election records reveals that Ashcroft paid Rove's Texas firm $746,000 for direct-mail services in two gubernatorial campaigns and one Senate race from 1984 through 1994.

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    Originally posted by giant

    If true?! Man, you have a serious case of denial.

    Denial? Right if CNN had known who Deep Throat was during the Nixon era they would have sat on the story.

    That is the nature of what you are claiming. The information CLAIMED could blow a legal leak wide open and be a ratings bonanza that would make Fox News look like your local news affiliate in terms of ratings.

    And they would sit on it...

    Pure bull...

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    But Novak IS sitting on it... and he works for CNN.

    Are you claiming that Novak is the only one that knows who the leak came from?
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    Originally posted by trumptman

    Denial? Right if CNN had known who Deep Throat was during the Nixon era they would have sat on the story.

    That is the nature of what you are claiming. The information CLAIMED could blow a legal leak wide open and be a ratings bonanza that would make Fox News look like your local news affiliate in terms of ratings.

    And they would sit on it...

    Pure bull...

    ooohhh. I see where you are coming from.

    Does anyone else out there want to explain to him why this would be a rediculously stupid idea?
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    Why in the world would a jounralist rush to expose their sources?

    It would end their career!

    Its possible no source would trust them again and then they're unemployed.


    Journalist Hari-Kari!

    Yahhhh think that might be part of it?

    But hey now! at least their employer would get a "temporary" bump in the ratings that week!!!

    The washington post still has not told the world who Deep Throat was!!!

    Slime and defend. Slime and defend. Let's turn this into a demos vs republican thing so in the noise the american people will lose focus as to the real crime.

    Two Senior Admin. Officals spilled. Someone could have been killed.
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    Speaking of Deep Throat....does anyone know why Novak talks like that?
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    Doesn't Novak always sound a little bit liquored up? He can be kinda slurry.
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    , there were indications that the administration planned to claim executive privilege and block access to some material.


    CBS/AP)_As a deadline neared for White House staffers to turn over documents in the probe of a possibly illegal leak of a CIA officer's identity, there were indications that the administration planned to claim executive privilege and block access to some material.

    Shame on you mr, "president"



    The Times reports the Wilson family is considering a civil lawsuit over the affair. Wilson has claimed the move to identify his wife has put her in danger.

    Good for them.
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    Now the president is saying that the leaker may never be found. \
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    Isn't it convient? He's going to claim ignorance since he purposely only recieves information from his staff.

    reading? Me fail english? That's unpossible.

    Go ahead and claim ignorance mr "president". That's probably your best AND MOST BELIEVABLE excuse...
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    Though apparently he still wants to " come to the bottom of this" !?

    Plus his spokesman has already cleared Rove et al, so that's OK.
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    In like page 2 or 3 of this thread i posted where bush JUNIOR was asked if he had asked k-a-r-l directly. he did not answer and instead said how he wants to get to the bottom of things etc...

    a sort of non denial denial...

    Of course the press corp did not follow up with a "you did not answer our question mr president"

    so much for the "liberal media" theory....

    katie ain't doing her job...
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    It seems pretty clear that they know who the leaker is... but they are being very careful about not saying anything that will catch them in a lie if the person is found out... conviction in finding the criminal has melted into uncertainty... possibly it's someone they want to protect. And would rather not have exposed.
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    Washinton Post: The spy next door

    Or if they let me choose a subtitle,

    "People who think the outing of Valerie did not do harm to this country are idiots."


    "They spoiled it. They more than spoiled it -- they brought a lot of harm," Diane Plame said, referring to the leakers and to Novak. "For people to come out and say this would cause no harm, what kind of IQs do they have?"

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    More people that get it...

    CIA agents speak out on WilsonGate


    ZAHN: Now to get an inside look at how this may be playing at the CIA, we turn now to two former CIA employees who trained with Ambassador Wilson's wife, the operative whose name was leaked. From Detroit tonight, former undercover case officer Jim Marcinkowski. From Philadelphia tonight, former analyst Brent Cavan. Welcome to both of you. Glad to see both of you.


    ZAHN: Mr. Marcinkowski, help us understand what this means to an agent in the field, particularly a covert one. Do they now view their government as a threat?

    MARCINKOWSKI: Certainly, the act itself has been an unprecedented act. This is not the leak, as usual from Washington, of classified information. And that should not be condoned. However, this is the leak of an identification of an intelligence agent of the United States. So the fact that it's unprecedented sends a ripple effect throughout the intelligence community and drastically affects national security throughout -- throughout the world, and the United States in particular.

    As an operations officer on scene in a country, the effects of this are that anyone who knows you or did know you now will look at your mosaic. They will look at the people you've come in contact with. They will suspect those people, be they official contacts or innocent contacts. They will suspect those persons of being intelligence agents. They could be subject to interrogation, imprisonment and even death, depending on the regime that you may be operating under.

    There's also ramifications for CIA morale. I'm not naive enough to say this is having a huge impact, but certainly, it contributes to a decline in morale when you know that your own government can identify you as a clandestine operator. Certainly, there's going to be a reluctance on the part of foreign nationals that may want to help the United States in these trying times. They're going to be reluctant to serve and help us with information, based on the fact that their identification may be revealed by the government.

    Obviously, in this particular case, there's further problems with looking at the ambassador's wife. Obviously, now all intelligence services across the world will be looking at ambassadors' wives and suspecting them. They may subject them now to surveillance and added security measures.

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    It seems like scot mcllened has a case of the "define sexual realtions"...Ironic huh? This is the white house that was supposed to bring H & I back to the white house. Instead we get an actionless president that doesn't read or what to know much of anything and a white house that insists on parsing every statement. Isn't that what bugged them when bill "presided over the greatest american expansion in our history" clinton was in office?

    Alahnaa Morissete sing your famous song here!

    They know who did it.

    In other news...

    Sources: FBI quizzes Wilson, Novak

    So we are a year away from the election. It seems like too much time has past for bush JUNIOR to the right thing that involves asking all his senior admin officials to sign an afadavit swearing they did not leak the name.

    Instead they are go to slime and defend mode and claim ignorance (WHICH WORK FOR YOU MR "president")

    Waiting out the clock eh?

    Stretch this out further. Ignore it like you are ignoring everything that doesn't come out of the mouth of your aides.

    Jan. is coming. And its "fair game" for every democrat running to ask... why is ALL action being taken to route out the traitor in bush JUNIOR's midst...?
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    Comedy, thy name is this adminstration:

    The Bush Administration on finding Osama Bin Laden in Central Asia:

    ?We're going to hunt them down one at a time?it doesn't matter where they hide, as we work with our friends we will find them and bring them to justice.?

    - President George W. Bush, 11/22/02

    The Bush Administration on finding Saddam Hussein in the Mideast:

    "We are continuing the pursuit and it's a matter of time before [Saddam] is found and brought to justice.?

    - White House spokesman McClellan, 9/17/03

    The Bush Administration on finding the leaker in the close confines of the White House:

    ?I don't know if we're going to find out the senior administration official. I don't have any idea....This is a large administration, and there are a lot of senior administration officials?

    - President George W. Bush, 10/7/0

    Joke, thy name is "on us"....

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    Just to be clear:

    From Sept. 29th

    "Another journalist yesterday confirmed receiving a call from an administration official providing the same information about Wilson's wife before the Novak column appeared on July 14 in The Post and other newspapers.

    The journalist, who asked not to be identified because of possible legal ramifications, said that the information was provided as part of an effort to discredit Wilson, but that the CIA information was not treated as especially sensitive. "The official I spoke with thought this was a part of Wilson's story that wasn't known and cast doubt on his whole mission," the person said, declining to identify the official he spoke with. "They thought Wilson was having a good ride and this was part of Wilson's story."

    In addition to Novak's column, an administration official told The Washington Post on Saturday that two White House officials leaked the information to several journalists in an effort to discredit Wilson. "
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    Do you think it's more important to find out who leaked Plame's name... or.... find out who leaked that two officials from the white house did indeed release the name?

    They would rather find the person exposing them... which isn't a crime at all.

    Two-thousand White House staffers had been told to review their records for possible leak details. It was quite telling how the request was framed.

    They were asked about all connections with Novak, of course. But they were also told to reveal any contacts with two other journalists - Knut Royce and Timothy Phelps, both of Newsday.

    Royce is a veteran reporter in the paper's Washington Bureau, well-wired in the world of spooks and spies. Phelps is our Washington Bureau chief.

    They had not blown anyone's cover. They had not revealed anybody's name. Novak took care of that.

    Royce and Phelps had simply done a follow-up after Novak's piece ran, pinning down an ambiguity in the columnist's reporting. They nailed the fact that Plame hadn't been some mere analyst or researcher at the CIA. She was an undercover operative overseas, whose vengeful unmasking risked terrible consequences - to her safety, her sources and her country.

    So by probing contacts with Royce and Phelps, the White House could only be trying to discover who in the CIA helped embarrass the White House.

    It's a way of pointing fingers. ("If we leaked, so did you.") It's a way of settling bureaucratic scores. ("You undermined our case for war.")

    But all leaks aren't illegal.

    Some are in the highest tradition of truth-telling and journalism.

    And embarrassing the administration is not yet a crime, despite what some in the White House seem to believe.
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    this is just getting even more sick.

    clinton - bj = bad?

    bush JUNIOR - tratior amongst his midst.

    We must silence our un-American detractors!

    Keep it up bush JUNIOR. I'm not sure if any of your aides read you the headlines lately, but there is an election coming up. And americans don't like white houses that harbor traitors...
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