This is REAL treason Ann Coulter: Someone is going to Jail or worse!



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    Don't forget Cheney and the infamous Energy task force he is adamantly trying to keep secret.
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    Originally posted by thegelding

    lets see...

    travelgate...nothing came of it, nobody harmed

    whitewater...before presidency

    flowers woman / jones woman...before presidency

    starr investigation---during presidency...what was spent?? 25 million?? about a blow job and whether a married man will lie about getting one...i could have answered that for a starbucks coffee and saved the government a lot of tax dollars...

    now bush:

    9/11...lots of people harmed...commission will study how it can be prevented in the future...not busheys fault, but using it for political commercialism seems, at best, crass...but what would you expect for a northeastern born, ivy league educated war dodging pseudo-cowboy...the W must stand for weak of character....

    WMD...none found, outright lies told (iraq involved with 9-11, "we are 100% sure iraq has WMD and here are the photos to prove it and the locations where we will find them" speech to UN, "iraq could strike the us in 45 minutes", iraq bought yellowcake" etc)...many have died on both side for these lies

    Wilsongate...outing a undercover CIA agent because you don't like her husband (for outing adminstration yellowcake lie), is a treasonable offense...doesn't treason = the death penalty?? it used to...i would personally hate to see rove get a lethal injection...but mostly because i dislike the death penalty, not because i think the world would have any loss if rovie-boy past on to the next plane of existence...

    Stolen Memos--watergate got one dirty president removed from office...this is a biggie, not for bushie, but for the repubs...hard to take the "high road" when you are a thief...

    and that doesn't mention "no-loss" currently vs leaving early and without doing your time in the guard so you can go to harvard business school during wartime...

    so, for the scoreboard...Clinton---a number of minor things that the repugnates spent lots of tax payers money to explore...and the 25 million dollar lesson that we learned is that married men will lie about BJs...

    Bush...a series of lies about intellignece, outing of CIA agents you don't like, repugs stealing from democrats while on your shift...insensitivity to the families of murdered people of 9-11 to, admitted by your staff, change the political topic from jobs to security....

    so...for the scoreboard... semen stained blue dress for clinton...blood stained uniforms of over 500 dead in iraq (not counting the many many more suicides that are not counted as "war deaths"), possibly blood stained clothing of some of our undercover agents in the CIA (we will never know how many people were affected by this outing of a government agent...i do know that if a demo had outed an agent, the repugs would be absolutely livid and calling for heads everyday) for bushie boy....yeah, i can see way the repugs think bushie has soooo much character....

    makes you kinda miss those clinton years of job growth, deficit cutting, good relations throughout the world, days...ahhh, the good old days when we were concerned whether the president might bugger an intern instead of being concerned about which country the president might lie about next to start a war


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    We are all wearing the blue dress now.
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    President Bush hires outside counsel (Reuters) The article says "may" but it's pretty much a done deal. The federal grand jury has been going at it now for 6 months, which is why we haven't heard much in a while. Expect indictments soon. It's true-- someone will be going to jail or worse.
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