Asiatic Pooping



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    I think the people mentioned in the original post need potty training.

    There are nations that use wet toilets as opposed to dry toilets. People from those (typically tropical) nations wash themselves as opposed to using a piece of paper.

    I appreciate the fact that you made a post to get some discussion on the topic rather than coming to your own conclusion; but I seriously think the education system needs to make students aware about the rest of world as well. We are moving towards a global society and prejudice is a bad thing.
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    I think the Japanese combine the best of both worlds. When I was in Tokyo a few months ago I sat down on a toilet to conduct my business. Next to me on the wall were a series of buttons. Passing the time, of course, I pressed them to see what they did, figuring they were light switches or something. Next thing I know, a blast of water hits me in the rosebud, nearly knocking me off the seat in surprise! After recovering I discovered that there were three versions of the water gun for your bum, and one button which shot hot air to dry you off.

    I must admit, I did feel clean. And I didn't have to get poo all over my hands in the process, which is a bonus.

    Of course, I didn't tell my wife, so when she went to the bathroom, hit a button and got squirted, she jumped up and got hosed down by the water butt gun! She emerged from the bathroom looking like a two-year old after an "accident." Heh, heh.

    I need one of them toilets. Now, where can I find $5,000...
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    Originally posted by drewprops

    As he listened he heard the guy dipping water out of the toilet and finally realized that the guy was perching atop the toilet seat, apparently cleaning himself in a most unusual fashion.

    Maybe you should put this sign on the stall:

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