Should Apple open up iTunes? MS to introduce $50 player



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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member

    Originally posted by Paul

    what would happen (besides bad press) if apple bought like 600,000 of the $50 mspods and re-used the hard drive in their own products?

    (this is assuming that the price of the mspod is cheaper then apple can get for just the drive straight from the manuf...)

    Apple's costs would go down, thus allowing them to increase margins, pass the savings on to us, or both.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    Journalist's face, meet egg. Egg, meet face.
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    nerudaneruda Posts: 439member

    Originally posted by Aquatic

    Journalist's face, meet egg. Egg, meet face.

    Here's to Amorph, for describing this as Bullshit (FUD, actually) from the beginning!
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    messiahtoshmessiahtosh Posts: 1,754member
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