Pre-Blackout Old-Timers



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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Well this brings back a lot of memories...
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    hhoganhhogan Posts: 117member
    No one remembers me

    Actually had over 1000 posts prior to the reset, but I guess I didn't post that much compared to the others heh
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    thttht Posts: 4,130member
    I must of missed some of the schisms, easy since I don't read all the threads, but what is the deal between AppleNova and AppleInsider?

    Pre-blackout days, yes they were fun. I am happy that we're not white-on-black anymore.
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    dogcowdogcow Posts: 713member

    Originally posted by HHogan

    No one remembers me

    Actually had over 1000 posts prior to the reset, but I guess I didn't post that much compared to the others heh

    Hah, same here. I started posting sometime in 1999 (the blueberry on black days), when I was in the 9th grade. I had well over 2000 posts by the time the blackout hit. The boards were much more lively then. The amount of meaningful posts has really fallen, which is sad.

    Anyway, the blackout forced me to get some kind of life beyond reading these forums. When they came back up I had found that many old posters had done the same.
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    To tonton: Yes. I couldn't agree more - you've put it so well. These must have been remarkable people. Its interesting that they were Apple people.

    P.S. Workerbee??????

    I just got through reading a collection of threads involving Lefty Right and PeterB vs. The Entire Apple World. The Apple people showed really tremendous presence of mind and IMO incredibly detailed analysis in driving back what for all appearances was a PC "microphage attack" against an Apple brain cell. (ha)

    I thought the Apple posters dismantled their arguments and obviously put them in a "say uncle" position of compromise that would never have occured on a PC site.

    To Hardeeharhar: I am a junior member of a research team.

    To xterra48: "O ... binders."

    You got it! Sounds like you know the score!

    To Alcimedes: "well ... worthy."

    Thanks for the interesting info. Could you discuss the "cookiesheet" thread? Name of thread & date please? I'd like to read it.

    EmAn: OK. I see you were an "old-timer" too and quite the first group member. Care to share any fav memories?

    To THT: "...not white on black anymore."

    Whoa. I missed this entirely. I must say I am surprised! Would you please direct me to the dates of these arguments?

    Was the race of the poster identified at that time or was it assumed because of remarks made? Was it just a segregation thing or were actual racial confrontations common? If so, when did the tension cease and what precipitated the "cease-fire" between sides?

    Did any identifiable political action groups ever orchestrate discord on these boards? Was there one "old-timer" in particular who led the eventual accord? Was the black-out in any way related to this disagreement?

    I guess I am shocked now that I think on it. I am not being critical of anyone who may have taken part in the fracass. I just never got a whif of it in all the posts I read this past summer. I'm just curious but I don't want to stir up any bad feelings. Heaven forbid.

    To DogCow (and HHogan): "Ha ... same."

    Please don't feel that way! I got a funny feeling when I was putting those few names down that I would be leaving out many just as worthy and great posters.

    Its just that those I put were those I had most recently read. I see you noe DogCow! Like your slogan! = )

    Fact is DogCow, it is turning out to be Old-Timers like you that are kind enough to post your sentiments and let us know something about this valuable period in Apple history. As goes this little world (AppleInsider) example of the burgeoning Apple mental advocate profile, so eventually goes the big world example.

    Your site allows all to see who is signed on. Guess I shouldn't expect some other old-timers to comment if they want to be left in peace. But I want to say thankee to ya.
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    Originally posted by alcimedes

    i was able to find the cookiesheet thread, sans images. so something worthwhile came out of it. CC, this thread (if you remember it)

    Doesn't ring any immediate bells. Can I have a look-see?


    would be one of the few that would qualify as historian worthy.[

    Au contraire. Hell, I think an official chronicler should be appointed (bags not). This is exactly the sort of everyday stuff that makes historians go apeshit these days. Few centuries down the track, I can well see discovering a long lost internet forum being a future historian's dream. But they may not be interested in what you'd think. Think about someone 200 years in the future researching car travel now. Statistics showing SUV ownership tell you, umm, how many people owned SUVs. AOers arguing over the merits of SUVs tells you why some people owned them and why some people hated them.


    Originally posted by theblackhat

    OK. Whatever. Over my head

    Sorry I wasn't having a go at you. But as this thread shows, fake identities while not unique to AI, are common. Add to that some odd stuff in your posts and I'm forced by all the laws of god and man to at least consider the possibility you might not be who you say you are. But don't be offended, I had somebody suggest the same thing to me only a few weeks back.


    You seem to be an old-timer yourself.

    No I'm not. My registration date is as shown. But I started lurking before the blackout. Few months before I think. I don't really remember that much except that it was pretty feisty. Also, as you can see, with a bit of prodding they don't mind rambling on about this stuff. I've just absorbed it over time.

    Years ago, a significant event in my life was played out almost entirely via snail mail over a twelve month period. I've been interested in communication via the written word ever since. The thing about fora is that like old style letter writing they are two way and provide continuity. Email tends to be one off or only short exchanges and because it's usually deleted continuity is lost. The dynamics of email are equally interesting to me but for different reasons. Likewise, blogs and journals.

    Trying to piece together what has and does make this place tick is part of this fascination with the social interaction and how it plays out through the written word. Mostly this is about the interaction between others but lately I've been thinking about how I view the forum and have noticed similarities with how I'd read a script. The members are like characters in a play. (Which BTW Hardee is why I think I remember stuff like I do. I only have a good memory for certain things. In real life my memory for names and faces is pretty crap. But here little details like your flagellum allow me to flesh out your character.)

    How to successfully manipulate/change the tone of the discussion is something I find particularly interesting. Also the role of alliances. So if and when you're ready to release what you've got publicly, I'd be interested in copping a look.
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    Cookie Sheet Thread is linked here.

    For those who never read it, it was basically how CPU's are made 101. Great explanations of some extremely complex processes. By far the best introduction to CPU manufacturing I've read.
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    thttht Posts: 4,130member

    Originally posted by theblackhat

    To THT: "...not white on black anymore."

    Whoa. I missed this entirely. I must say I am surprised! Would you please direct me to the dates of these arguments?

    I was merely referring to the color scheme of the web pages. Sorry, poor english
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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member
    Brother, if I ever figure out what the hell you're talking about you'll be the first to know.

    My name's Adam Beckham, and if you work where I used to work you'll be seeing me again soon. I'm taking over for my old boss.
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    I can remember reading this forum back when the G3 was kicking butt, the G4 was the hot grist of the rumor mill, and people read MOSR for information. I didn't contribute much back then (I was either Dr. Opus or Dr. Gonzo), still don't really now, but the reading was much better and fun spirited back then.

    Amazing all of the big names/good posters that have come and gone... Maybe the mods should send out some iCards and invite back some of the users that have forsaken us.

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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    I'm afraid to know how long I've been here.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    IIRC, I'm the one who chased naim off. Fvck me it's been a long time here.

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    wow! To Alcimedes: "For ... read."

    Thank you for the explanation and link to the "cookie sheet" thread.

    To THT: "I ... english."

    No, please. It was my bad. I just took it a certain way and had no license to do that. Please forgive. I wear two "hats" around here.

    One says "Nanos are forever" (literally my "scientist wannabe" hat) and another says "Sociology Sux" (a tongue in cheek on a love-hate thing).

    Sometimes I will unintentionally yet invariably allow one interest to irritatingly ooze over into the other. That's why I became dizzy for a moment when I mininterpreted your post.

    To Crazychester: "Au contraire ... look."

    You seem like a very deep thinker. Sometimes the well can be so deep the other shoe, while dropped, never seems to hit.

    I really appreciated your comments. I think what you said about history was right on. I'd like to stay in touch, your not hesitant to respond about what you feel. Consequently, when you write, you have a eri interesting perspective and stream of consciousness style.

    If you are not an "old-timer", I definitely think you would have fit in and been their equal.

    In the spirit of your Machiavellian backdrop, I must point out that, from what I have been told, there are no pre-Nov 2001 registration dates, so it seems conceivable that your date doesn't necessarily preclude you from being an "old-timer." = ) (Thought you'd like that!)

    Anyway, thanks.

    To Groverat: "Brother ... boss."

    I can't tell you how embarrassed I am. If you knew of the really amazing coincidence dealing with your username and a former grad student here, you'd see why I convinced myself to be so forward. I am very sorry. My double-BAADDD!!!

    Congrats on being boss soon. Or you a student like me or now an alumni?

    Now that I take the time to actually read the background data here, I can see that you go (or did go) to another Texas university. So sorry about being so presumptuous. Wow - I see here that you are (or were) dating a "Rhoadie." We got a couple here too but I don't think they would know her because I think you are younger than them (probably another big mistake on my part - but why ruin a perfect record so far!)

    Guess I'm just trying to make a connection I have no right to make. Please forgive. (Gaddd - I gotta get a life outta this place - I feel like a chicken that can't crawl off her nest.)

    My chance to talk with a bona-fide old-timer and I totally screw the pooch. ARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To Opuscroakus: "I ... us."

    Really appreciated your comments. Good contact idea about the old-timers. I would love to see them post here real-time!!!! Although it was so intense, some individually probably looked forward to their Titan clashes with great trepidation.

    On a fantasy note, what would be totally cool would be like a "Old-Timers" board room for "Those Who Have Gone Before" where, in pure World Wrestling Federation style, the great showdowns between the Apple and PC people could happen once again as well as the fantastic analysis and extremely witty insights and commentaries that flowed from them at length!

    Scenes we'd like to see. = )
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    squashsquash Posts: 332member
    I just want what all of you are smoking and reading
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    I want to know why you post first, then think about maybe exposing private info or being presumptuous.

    Seems backwards... particularly if you work in a lab full of student information... we have strict policies on data protection at Universities, Banks, and various levels of Government. Maybe I'm just more aware of them because I always err on the side of privacy, maybe its a Canuck thing.
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    ..... Thank you?!

    Running off at the mouth to the point that you "leak when you squeak" has never been an admirable trait. I appreciate your concern for the preservation of confidentiality as I agree with you - it is a most commodious trait.

    Your post caused me to reread all that I have written and for the life of me I don't see any confidential information that I have inadvertently published. Perhaps you feel my embarrassment in coming off as an idiot with a much-admired old-timer.

    That's something I'll just have to live with, but IF I were to do the unthinkable and share a real confidentiality with him about the details behind my wrong assumption (which I wouldn't), I believe he would be equally struck by the coincidences and would understand better about why I presumed what I did.

    Anyway, OK so I'm an idiot and I made a mistake. Won't be my first and definitely won't be my last. In terms of relative "smarts" on a general scale, expect nothing more out of me than being somewhere in the middle.

    But I appreciate what I think you are really trying to tell me - that on this board there is a protocol where personal details are just not discussed at public.

    Being fascinated with the type of discussions this board used to have, I have imagined how it must have been to have sharpened ones mind with truly brilliant people. And not just people - people involved in the Apple genre.

    There is a difference that I guess posters here may not appreciate if they've never spent time on PC world boards. Even then, perhaps it is a difference that would only occur to one with my interests.

    Interestingly, if I had started this earlier in the summer I would be completely up to speed by now and wouldn't be sticking out like a sore thumb for posters like you to have to redress. However, since school began, am extremely busy and don't have the time to devote to getting to know this board like I want to.

    I will eventually figure out (I'm sure its simple enough) how everyone puts the window dressing, smilies and quotation references to use, but for now I'm doing the best I can allot to this.

    If I've offended anyone in the process, that I deeply regret. I am very sensitive to this. Definitely not my style.

    But having posted as little as I have, and being one of the newest members here, I definitely LIKE what I see and would like to be a minor contributor to these boards. = )
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    matveimatvei Posts: 193member
    What the... is this thread?

    Please explain the objective?
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    what i really don't understand is that you'd asked how to contact groverat, were given a few ways to do it privately (PM's, email etc.) but decided to post this thread.

    if you really just wanted to get in touch with him, why not email him?
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    beige_g3beige_g3 Posts: 203member
    I miss Kate the board's mistress. I wish I could remember here web site address. She is a very good photographer.

    Remember Goatie the moderator?

    And there was windman ther troll.....

    And there was a group that posted threats against one of the so called Mac pundits, but I can not remember who.....
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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    I forgot all about Kate! I believe she returned and made a few posts after the blackout, but she didn't stick around long.
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