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    Well, personally, i hate mice ! The first thing i did when i bought my powerbook G4 was to buy a Logitech cordless Trackman.

    I much prefer the ergonomy of the rotating ball, and the lack of wires.It even has a support for the wrist.

    Speaking about buttons, it has three buttons on the left side that act as the single Apple button, and one on the right side that acts as the second button on a PC mouse. I hardly ever use it, as well as i have never got as far as programming some of the extra buttons for repetitve actions or so, because i am a moderate user.

    By the way, i have to use a PC at work, and it has a bad two buttons mouse, where i also hardly ever use the second button. But i remember the time when PC guys used to scorn GUI and mice, so everything is relative.

    Now, as some here have pointed out, such heated exchanges for an accessory that costs so little seems to demonstrate that some people have way too much free time !
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    I can't wait to buy a 3 gig PowerMac with a 1 button mouse.

    Power with simplicity.

    I like dat.

    Lemon Bon Bon

    PS. I do have a Swan 'Opti-Glow' mouse on this iBook. I like it in the dark...(and the mouse!)

    But I like the simplicity of the one-button Mac mouse better. It's part of the Mac philosophy.

    Like the 'OS'.

    It's just Apple. I don't expect that to change soon.
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