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    chagichagi Posts: 284member

    Originally posted by kenaustus

    Decide if you need a notebook, or if you can make do with a desktop.

    In my case I already have a desktop PC (a Windows box). I'm a University student, and starting more and more to want/need a laptop to stay connected when I'm on campus, etc.

    Most likely I'll end up buying a low-end iBook, unless I suddenly get much richer in the near future.
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    Next rev will have a 13.3" widescreen for sure. Sony has a new unit with one it's still under 5lbs i think...not that means anything, but seems like a natural evolution for the 12" ibook....
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,409member
    I can't believe you guys even mentioned a g5 in an iBook....

    It just went to g4... took how many years? 3 from the time the powerbook got it?

    I'm really starting to doubt the possiblity of a g5 going into a powerbook. If apple slapped in a 1.6ghz g5.... we would get a 100mhz speed bump, a very crippled bus, WAY LOWER battery life... I'd much rather have a 1.6ghz g4 with 1mb l2 cache (like I've been hearing what they are going to do next).

    Is it just not possible to do dual processor's in a laptop? Uses too much power? Sure would be nice to have a dual g4 (not dual-core) in a powerbook.
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