Received xbox for for PS2?



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    Originally posted by ipodandimac

    engadget is saying xbox2 is confirmed for release in May 2005 at E3. if that affects your decision...

    I recall hearing somewhere else that consoles from all three big industry players would be present and playable on the showfloor. That includes consoles from Sony and Nintendo, also. Nintendo's a definite, Sony's still up in the air.
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    Eh, I think you should of gone with the xbox.

    Note...I uh...didn't see that you exchanged it for the PS2 so I wrote this thinking you hadn't decided yet.

    I love halo2 (halo1 is better but no one online plays it) and with my xbox modded, it's basically turned into my second computer. Just put avalaunch and xbox media center on there, set up a connection, and you're set!

    I play on Xboxconnect (XBL but free) and that is working great for me.

    You also cannot deny the greater graphics capability of the Xbox, it DOES improve the experience (though I still agree Goldeneye and Mario Cart on the N64 rocked). When you look at the multiplatform games (take Splinter Cell for example) would you rather play it on the PS2 or the Xbox?

    Or say you are a RPG fan and you have a Mac, you could either not play it all..or play it on the Xbox (plus it's moddable on a modded xbox...greatly improves the playing experience).

    Xbox also offers Fable...a very short but addicting game. But the greatest game to play is Halo2 online, for a FPS, it doesn't get better than that, especially if it's modded...(in case you havn't figured it out I like modded things...)

    The PS2 just doesn't have the technology...or the games ('s all of matter of opinion) that the Xbox does. I may not be a huge fan of microsoft's products, but the Xbox is a good one.

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    Resident Evil 4...

    ...only on Gamecube!

    (My work here is done)
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    Grand Turismo 3 (and soon 4) - only on PS2.

    I think that the Xbox is better, but I don't like to support Microsoft. Most of the games I like are also available on the Xbox, and it has better graphics.

    I had all 3 platforms, and I sold the Xbox because I didn't use it (just buying the console is not supporting MS, because they lose money on each box and make it back on the games). I don't really use my gamecube that much, either, just my two PS2s.

    If you keep the PS2 - get the Logitech wireless controller, it kicks butt.
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    Originally posted by andrebsd

    just gotta get the ps2 to vga cable so I can install it, after that I can use it on the tv as a media center. [still havent figured out why you exactly need a vga cable to install, but after can use the regular rca cable... using the rca for install just brings up a blue screen]

    I can explain this, I think. I recently built a media centre PC (running MythTV on Linux) and fed it a TV card with TV output as well as a tuner.

    Thing is, said TV card doesn't count as a graphics card to Linux. You can't put a console on it, and to get X running requires a frame buffer driver to be installed. So I had to put in a normal graphics card to complete the installation, then load the driver for the TV card and switch over X to use this new screen. Now it boots up straight onto the TV output.

    I assume the console would be the same, with Linux seeing the TV out as something other than a standard graphics card.

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