Updated Apple Power Mac G5 systems en route to company stores



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    Originally posted by emig647

    This is the first I have heard about this, can you prove this?


    Delphi BTW

    I think he's referring to a user submission from www.xlr8yourmac.com .
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,448member
    I'd like to see it, because from what I understand, the units are unchanged... whoever manufacturers them is irrelevant, its Delphi's design. As far as I know they are unchanged, unless this has happened in the last few weeks.
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    Originally posted by melgross

    Good for you. You're the smart pro buyer who buys what (s)he needs when needed, and doesn't anguish (well, not too much) over what might be.

    I'm in the somewhat odd position of having one leg in the "pro" sector, and the other in the "Mac geek" arena. I need a new Mac that's fast for video work, and if I wasn't suffering with a loud 1 gigx2 MDD I probably would wait. No if ands or buts about it; this bump sucks the coxxors. Still, I'll be stoked to get on a G5 2.3. I intend to rapidly outfit it with an X800, and as much RAM as possible.
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,448member
    Well judging by the 4/18/05 date, that is new information... Around the first week of april an email circulated explaining the problems with the delphi coolers. This is a good thing, now if anything happens to the "older" systems, these coolers can be replaced with a better one... hopefully. Of course this one hasn't been that thorougly tested.
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