Apple unveils iPod nano



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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,508member

    Originally posted by Cube

    Is there anyone that know if the Nano can be used as a thumb drive just like the shuffeles? Ore as a hd like the big iPods?



    Read this;
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,508member

    Originally posted by wilco

    Do you get paid by the post?

    Gee, I didn't think someone was keeping track

    When I catch up to some of the guys with several thousand, I'll stop. Ok?
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    cubecube Posts: 142member

    Originally posted by melgross


    Read this;

    I didn't se any infor about this on that page?...
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,658member
    I'm annoyed that they didn't keep the iPod minis (make them 6GB and 8GB) as well and introduce the nano separately. Also nano is a crap name.

    But the nano looks awesome and I love the black look - the white doesn't look as good because of the disproportionate click-wheel - also the nano is slightly too long and narrow. However, i love the world clock and screen lock function - I just hope they intro it for the iPods. Also love the blue circle next to the new podcasts - very useful. Headphone on bottom will be slightly awkward while holding it and I wonder how the Apple store will sell them - they'll have to use a dock and have the headphones come out the line-out?
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    Maybe its just me, but it seems that you cant use the remote with these.. I like my remote !
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member

    Originally posted by melgross

    When I catch up to some of the guys with several thousand, I'll stop. Ok?

    We have another EmAn on our hands.
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    Im disapointed that the ipod update dosnt update teh world clock and screen lock, etc for the regular iPod. Usualy Apple has compatiblity of updates with previous iPods, etc.
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    Originally posted by CosmoNut

    It'll be a hit. Shuffle sales are screwed. This is the ultimate definition of "upsell......."

    I disagree. Price is still a major factor for many. That's why there are 3X as many CD-Walkmen as there are MP3 players.

    There is a huge market of people who cannot or will not pay *at least* $199 for an iPod, but for whom $99 is acceptable. That sub-$100 price is a major psychological barrier crossed.
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    While this threatens the low end Shuffle sales no more than iPod mini did, frankly I think it's game over for the 1GB shuffle. They are not a good cost proposition anymore.

    They should have kept the mini. (Maybe they'll bring it back once they can do it at an attractive price and 8GB, though?)

    I understand small size is good and people like it, but for everybody there is a point where it's small enough. Mobile phones reached that point for me years ago. I don't think I would want to sacrifice a couple GB's of storage to make a player smaller than the mini.

    If you use your player as a storage device for files, wasn't it that flash memory "wears out" quicker than a hard drive when you write to it? Is this an issue in the nano?

    nano is a good name.
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    This is the iTunes 5 board isn't it? Enough with the iPods. I want to know how to use the new Smart Shuffle. I looked everywhere and can't find it. I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet. Or am I the only one that can't find it

    Edit: Never mind, I found it
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    The new form factor is really cool. Anyone knows when the nano is expected to hit the Apple stores? This Friday?
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    Oh, for those who were complaining that the podcasts, videos, audiobooks, booklets.... etc. were all thrown into the music library. I initially thought this was a bad move too. But it's actually a good one!

    Go to Edit > Show search bar. And now you have buttons you can press to select what media you'd like to see. It's great. brilliant. Apple knows what its doing
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    great looking design, but a shame to see the mini go

    Too bad I really dont need one, already having a 1GB shuffle, and a 40GB 4G....

    ... already ordered an engraved black nano for my girlfriend however
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    n3on3o Posts: 56member

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    ipod nano tubes

    worst. accessory name. ever.

    (also, the colours listed in the apple store dont match the picture!)
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    I agree about releasing the new firmware. I don;t care about the clock or lock (rhyme not intentional). I want the blue dots by the podcast!

    I also wouldn't be surprised if they nixed the mini so that some day the big o'l fashion iPods could get smaller.

    i also can't wait to see the accessories for this one.

    I wonder how the profit on the nano compares to the 4g and the [late] minis
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    pyrixpyrix Posts: 264member

    Originally posted by starwxrwx

    ipod nano tubes

    worst. accessory name. ever.

    Have to agree - sounds like cable sleeving.

    This nano is kinda cool. yet to use itunes 5, but from the pictures it looks cool too.

    Anybody know why there was a shortage of 2.7ghz powermacs if this is just a music update? Or was that rumor all wrong?

    Bit let down by the phone - I was expecting something a little less... normal?
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    cosmonutcosmonut Posts: 4,872member
    This Marketwatch article actually has video from the keynote. They have the unveiling of the nano and the ROKR phone. It's a single camera thing, but they managed to get direct audio from the sound system.
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    but you can watch it on
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    666666 Posts: 134member
    seems like pretty pointless product, really. Have apple really gotten this lazy, releasing something that is what the mini should have been anyway?
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