Sources weigh in on Apple's MacBook Pro and iBook plans



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    PowerMac Portable

    iMac Portable.
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    Originally posted by rageous

    PowerMac Portable

    iMac Portable.

    Shades of 1989!
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    It keeps in line with the supercool retro thing® going on in the auto industry and with people dressing like Beatles rejects.
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    Maybe they PreServe the name Xserve, or ReServe a new brand: ProServe.

    Anonymous source whispers that LAPD is switching from PC 'to ProMac and to Xserve'...
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    Agree, the name "MacBook Pro" is pretty lame, especially since there are a few features on the new laptop that are pretty fucking far from being "pro".

    How about these names:

    "Pro" Lineup: MacSlab, or even better, Slab Mac.

    I really like the name "PowerSlab," but it doesn't fit Jobs' needs.

    Or instead of "Lapzilla," "Maczilla," but then it loses it's meaning. Still, an 18" laptop would be pretty fucking 'zilla-ish. And yes, I believe Apple will up the stakes with an 18" widescreen laptop that will totally rock as a portable desktop, and because of Apple's design prowess, will handle like a 16" Dell laptop on the go.

    Or Apple could just say fuck it and release a 20" lapzilla. Now THAT would be a sight to behold!
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    one look back on bookmac

    "Back in the early days of the personal computer Jobs was fond of deriding mainframes by saying, 'Never trust a computer you can't lift.' Jef Raskin took this idea to heart and originally specified that the Macintosh be an all-in-one portable computer. When Jobs took over the project, the industrial design focus shifted from portability to a reduced footprint, but he reminded the team to think of the desktop Mac as an interim step along the way to creating a 'Mac in a book' by 1986...

    'Our ultimate goal is to put Macintosh in a book, to make it the size of the notebook that's on your lap' product marketing manager Barbara Koalkin told USA Today just four months after the Mac's introduction. 'We'd like to do that without sacrificing any of the features because we believe you need a nice display, you need a mouse, you need a certain amount of memory, you need a disk. What we're trying to figure out is how you get that in to a very small package. That's not going to hapen ay time soon because the technology just isn't there.

    In April 1985, Jobs failed to convince Apple's board of directors to build a bettery-operated BookMac, as he called it, around a newly introduced flat-panel display."

    "Apple Confidential" by Owen Linzmayer
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    Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg

    Or Apple could just say fuck it and release a 20" lapzilla. Now THAT would be a sight to behold!

    Somebody should really make an aluminum travel case for the 20" iMac. Turn it into a luggable. You'd remove the iMac's guts, install them in the lid of the case and add a lightweight laptop keyboard (definitely not use Apple's boat anchor desktop keyboards ). You wouldn't be able to use it battery-powered, but you'd at least be able to take it anywhere. Okay, it'd be a little hefty at about 20 pounds, but not that much worse than the original Mac Portable, or for those who remember them, actually lighter than the Osborne 1 or the Kaypro. And a lot lighter than the 34 pound monster the first Compaq was.

    With Apple's Safe Sleep (assuming they've carried that over to the Intel-based machines), you can just quickly put it to sleep and unplug it. Plug it in when you get to the office and wake from sleep with all running applications and open files ready to pick up where you left off.
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