Apple and Nike: Tune Your Run?



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    notaclonenotaclone Posts: 82member
    The only thing I would want it to do is match the music beat to the rhythm of my feet.

    Maybe the Nike swash could be a worm coming out of the Apple?
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    I thought Nike was the Microsoft of the shoe business?
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    sobelizzardsobelizzard Posts: 130member
    Neat idea. As a runner, this is something I have thought about many times as I carry all sorts of devices (mp3 player, watch, GPS unit etc etc)... The two problems i see with it are as follows:

    1 - pedometers are not so accurate. As a tracking device, GPS would be better, although this might rule Nike out of the equation (not much satellite reception under your foot )

    2 - Nike makes some awful running shoes. Maybe you love'em, but from my personal experience and the experience of many others I have spoken with... they're more gimmicky than anything. The shox wear out like nobody's business (rear outside sole).

    The Syncing and fitness tracking, however, is fabulous.

    No need to flame ... if you love pedometers and Nike's, perfect

    Anything that gets more people in love with running is more than a good thing.
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