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    Originally posted by Chucker

    Doubtful. What motivation do they have?

    Because it will let people run windows if the must without having to purchase other software. Unless parallels is free. Is it? I seriously don't know.
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    sammicksammick Posts: 416member
    Can Parallels ever be tweaked to enable it to use the graphics card??
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    Originally posted by Chucker

    Doubtful. What motivation do they have?

    Many switchers like myself initially purchased and took the plunge into getting a Mac because if we didn't like OS X we had a "safety" net, thus generating more sales. I've spoken to a few also that love Macs and would love Macs but since they need a PC due to work softwares etc that aren't made for Macs...well now there's nothing stopping them.
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    I've used both. I need windows for some stuff. I.e. the exchange provisioning console, it will be only work on MSIE for Windows, for obvious reasons. The latest release for entourage has much better exchange support so I don't use outlook anymore. Web site browser testing, I need a windows PC for that. Media delivery server testing, I need windows for that. The list goes on. Pretty much any one that uses computers for a living will need windows every once in a while.

    I used Boot Camp for a while, but recently switched to parallels and love it. I run it on a 17" MBP w/ 120GB and 2GB RAM. I made a 20GB virtual disk, while is plenty of room considering all I have is the OS, a few tools, a few browsers, etc. It is so easy to just click the play arrow and within 20 seconds be into Windows. Do what I need to do, then shutdown. Simple.

    If you want a PC for gaming and new the hardware performance, use a PC. If you need a PC like I just described, use Parallels.

    Maybe Leopard will offer a version of boot camps that will run like parallels, I doubt it though.
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    Yeah I run Parallels on my MacBook along with VirtueDesktops, this makes using both OSX and Windows at the same time a dodle.

    I use Windows XP to run my Sage Accounts software, cos I couldnt find anything as good for Mac.

    Heres a video, it does take a few mins to load and sorry about the quality it was filmed on my N80 and the damn light wouldn't turn off.
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    sport73sport73 Posts: 438member
    I also run Parallels on a 17" MacBook Pro with a 20GB virtual HD and Virtue Desktops.

    Not only is it an amazing machine, but the switch between Mac OS and Windows (nice Flip effect or others) leaves all the Winblows guys in my office drooling.

    The performance is flawless, fast, and entirely as good as native if you're not playing games. Kudos to Parallels.
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    I have found a problem with parallels....its nothing major but there is a problem with the USB devices not everything works. I asked their tech support and it's a known issue, apparently the next version will support more USB devices, which is top!

    But yeah VirtueDesktop and Parallels....makes PC user sulk!
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    I have parallels running on my MBP and Mini (one is a trial at this time). Both work flawlessly. My Mac at work works so with parallels, I ditched my KVM and Gateway PC friday. I live in AutoCad 2006 and it runs better in Parallels than through boot camp (weird annoying menu problem in ACAD when I use boot camp).

    I even have it printing to my NetGear parallel port print server plugged directly into my HP DesignJet 42" printer over the network. It couldn't be any sweeter, besides the fact I filled my 8 GB virtual drive up because I got to carried away with installing apps. So I have to increase the size of it at some point.
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    Originally posted by jpennington

    If you want a PC for gaming and new the hardware performance, use a PC.

    Some of us don't want more than one computer.
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