Apple's Mac Pro to sport modified Power Mac enclosure



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    zandroszandros Posts: 537member
    I am expecting this lineup, otherwise I will be disappointed by Apple ():

    Same for all:

    1 GB FB-DIMM

    2X16 PCIe-slots

    2X8 PCIe-slots

    2X1 PCIe-slots

    x1900XT (upgradeable x1900XTX or a Pro-card [FireGL/QuadroFX])

    +x1900CF as upgrade

    250 GB HDD with three more slots for hard drives

    Top tier @ $3999:

    2x Xeon 5160 (3,0 GHz)

    Blu-ray burner as option

    x1900XTX as standard

    2 GB FB-DIMM

    Middle tier @ $2899:

    2x Xeon 5150 (2,67 GHz)

    Bottom tier @ $2499 :

    2x Xeon 5140 (2,33 GHz)

    Me, high expectations, what?
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    clonenodeclonenode Posts: 392member
    As for two optical bays to eject - for some reason i thought it was an Option-Eject to open the other drawer. Just my two cents.

    But I expect a little drama - so the case probably gets a bit more of a change than has been shown here.
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    demenasdemenas Posts: 109member

    Originally posted by hmurchison

    Dual Optical drives are nice. Especially considering the dueling blue laser formats.

    I wonder if they were able to squeeze in another drive bay. I'd love to see at least 3 (minimum for RAID-5)

    Yes, two hard drive bays is disappointing.

    Regarding dueling formats, I will wait until there is a drive capable of reading/writing all predominant formats.

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    rosscorossco Posts: 4member
    this is a worthless story, and a worthless website, to publish 2 differing"stories" within days of each other.

    "appleinsider has confirmed.../ [a few contradictions is ok] / its definately fact. our insiders are definately cartoon puppets. they work there and everything"
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    Originally posted by rossco

    this is a worthless story, and a worthless website, to publish 2 differing"stories" within days of each other.

    "appleinsider has confirmed.../ make up here /.... our insiders are cartoon puppets"

    How so?

    The previous story is the one which AI laid out its confirmation of the upcoming machines.

    This story is appended with a rumour which has been circulated to other web sites and was published for the sake of interest.
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    sybariticsybaritic Posts: 340member
    If indeed there is some validity to these figures, I'm with Chucker on the lack of eSATA ports. Their utility likely will grow by the day, and Apple will be behind the curve by omitting them.
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    thttht Posts: 5,530member
    The current G5 enclosure is fine except for the handles being rather unergonomic. Remember the G5 cooling system is gigantic. Shrinking the height of the cooling system by 2 inches would allow for another external bay and two more 3.5" hard drive bays to reside in the same size enclosure.

    This pretty much satisfies everyone's wish for 2 external optical bays and 4 internal hard drive bays using the same basic design.

    The other big design change they should make is the El Capitan style door and maybe a new look on the outside.

    I think Zandros makes a pretty good cut pricewise. We know that 6 PCIe slots is excessive for Apple. It'll likely be 4 PCIe slots: 1 PCIe x16 slot with x16 signaling, 1 PCI x16 slot with x8 or x4 signaling, and 2 x2 or x4 slots. The low end could also be a single 2.66 GHz Conroe system for $1999 to $2299 instead of a 2S 2.33 at $2499.
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    rolorolo Posts: 686member
    I like the idea of all quads, as Zandros outlines. Gotta put some pizzaz into the thing!

    As for USB: USB 2: 3 on back, 1 on front. Add to that the two USB 1.1 ports on the KB and that's 6 total.
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    demenasdemenas Posts: 109member

    Originally posted by West

    The reason they would move the power supply to the top of the machine makes complete sense. Think about it -- the power supply generates a lot of heat. Heat rises. Having it at the bottom of the computer this whole time was contributing a lot to the high temperatures of the computer. Putting it at the top of the machine will allow the air to stay at the top and be blown out, leaving the rest of the computer cooler.

    I really don't think the power cable will get in the way that much, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

    I don't think power supplies generate a lot of heat. CPUs and Graphics cards do. And hard drives.

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    @homenow@homenow Posts: 998member

    Originally posted by Zandros

    Top tier @ $3999:

    Middle tier @ $2899:

    Bottom tier @ $2499 :...

    Let's hope that they can put a better priced computer out there, your prices put the Mac Pro (aka PowerMac) at $1200 over it's lowest retail price for an entry model. The G5 is already about $400 over the average price for an entry level PowerMac, and Apple needs have computers to address this market segment if they are EVER going to increase market share, and don't tell me that it is filled by the iMac.
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    demenasdemenas Posts: 109member

    Originally posted by pmjoe

    Dual Ethernet? Would be nice, but somehow, I think this is fake.

    Hope they stick with similar cases to the Power Macs though.

    Most high-end PCs now come with Dual Gigabit.

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    chuckerchucker Posts: 5,089member

    Originally posted by mwswami

    Don't worry! Even the Mac Mini has 4 USB 2.0 ports ...

    Whereas all higher-end Macs don't. iMac? 2. MacBook? 2. 15-inch MacBook Pro? 2. 17-inch MacBook Pro? Woah, 3.

    Apple must have some kind of USB port allergy.
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,455member

    Originally posted by york2600

    This isn't something companies are just deciding to do. This is because BTX specs from Intel require it. They rearranged the case for better airflow over the northbridge, the cpu, and the GPU. I'd assume the Mac Pro will be a BTX design.

    Yah it looks like it's on the right side of the case so it will be BTX...
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    finchnafinchna Posts: 17member
    the specs don't match the pictures...
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    vl-tonevl-tone Posts: 337member
    I'd like Apple to surprise us like they did with the Mac mini and iPod Shuffle.

    I remember explaining, like many others that Apple wouldn't release a cheap headless iMac because it would have cannibalized sales of the iMac.

    I also remember seeing others arguing that Apple would release a $99 flash-based iPod because it would have eaten the sales of higher-end models. (As for me, I did believe it was a good idea to do a cheap iPod)

    So when the Mac mini and iPod shuffle were first unveiled, the same day, many were pleasantly surprised to see Apple attack the lower-end market.

    What I would like as a replacement for the PowerMacs from Apple at WWDC is plain and simple: Let's call them the TowerMac and TowerMac Pro.

    TowerMac: essentially a monitor-less intel iMac, in a mini-tower form factor, and with 2 PCI slots, one being filled by the shipping video-card. It would start at around 1299$ the same price of the iMac or maybe even cheaper.

    TowerMac Pro: High-end tower with plenty of space for internal expansion, and featuring all new powerful intel chips and tons of high-end features. Starting at $1699-$1999.

    Would you be surprised if Apple did this? I guess I would Especially for the silly TowerMac name
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,573member

    Originally posted by zang

    I can't see the power supply being at the top of the machine. It's a horrid design flaw, given that the power cord will then be in the way of any PCIe cards, and all the common cables (USB, Ethernet, Audio, etc).

    I also don't see a reason as to why Apple would move the power supply up, given that in G5 machines, it's entirely isolated from the rest of the computer, allowing it's own air channel and keeping it's radiated heat out of the main bay. I call bullshit, at least in regards to the power supply being moved up.

    That's not elegant. That's not Apple.

    That's not quite true. A number of Mac's had the power supply near the top. My old 950 had it there. It's close to the top in the B/W's, and G4's as well. Nothing new.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,573member
    If this is true, I'm going to put off a purchase until I see whati's out in January. I've waited since the Quad came out, so I can wait a bit longer. Too bad. I just hope the article is wrong on some of this.
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    tempesttempest Posts: 8member
    Power supplies generate a lot of heat which is why apple has opted on a few models to completely eliminate it from the machine case.

    If those specs are guidelines for the Mac Pro then it will not sell well. The lower end model competes unfavorably with the high end iMac.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member

    Originally posted by Tempest

    Power supplies generate a lot of heat which is why apple has opted on a few models to completely eliminate it from the machine case.

    There's also the benefit of being able to swap out a faulty power supply without having to open up the case and fish around amongst all the guts. The downside is that the back of your desk quickly starts to have a mind of its own with all the cable clutter. The back of the G5s is bad enough without ANOTHER power brick adding to the mess.

    If the power supply is placed in the top of the case as per the mock-up, Apple will not be able to put the optical drives at the top as well. If you look inside a G4 MDD, the expansion slots are located above the various optical and hard drives. To my mind, the G4 MDD is the best designed enclosure Apple has ever produced.

    It would make more sense to position the motherboard on a hinged side door (like the G4 MDD) and have the power supply at the top of the enclosure, then the expansion slots and then the drives. Apple wasn't able do this with the G5 because the processor heatsink weights so much.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member

    Originally posted by VL-Tone

    What I would like as a replacement for the PowerMacs from Apple at WWDC is plain and simple: Let's call them the TowerMac and TowerMac Pro.

    I think we'll see a 'Mac' and a 'Mac Pro'.

    In the old days, DTP operators were most certainly 'Pro' users. They required the fastest machine available and added Adobe Certified graphics accelerators with crazy amounts of VRAM so that they could drive their massive 21" CRTs at millions of colours.

    Today, most CS2 users needs are met by an iMac or an entry level uni-processor G5. The majority of studios I visit have a mixture of G4 MDDs and 1.6GHz G5s. The most up to date piece of kit I have seen to date was a DC 2GHz G5 with a 20" ACD ? and every single member of staff creamed themselves over it.

    Most studios buy the basic 'Pro' machine and run it for three years without ever opening the case once.

    So, I don't think that todays definition of 'Pro' includes CS2 users. Instead, 'Pro' includes those involved in video production, render meisters, scientific applications and clusters leveraging racks full of Xserves.

    A basic headless 'Mac' that could drive the ACDs would satisfy a lot of users needs, whilst a 'Mac Pro' could focus on users that require multiple graphics cards running at full pelt, multiple optical drives, hardware RAID running on 3+ drive mechanisms, multiple ethernet ports, etc. etc.

    A powerful little 'Mac' and a full-on 'Mac Pro' workstation would make an awesome combination that would keep everyone happy.
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