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    Originally Posted by SMN

    Well, apparently my machine is giving them a lot of problems. I've had a lot of trouble getting Apple's service reps to give me updates, too (but in part it's not their fault - the repair facility hasn't been keeping Apple informed), but after calling Apple each day for the last week, here's what I've pieced together:

    Monday 8/1 - MBP received by Apple for repair of the "whining noise"

    Tues 8/2 - Apple replaces inverter board. This stikes me as odd, as everyone else reports that Apple is addressing the whining noise by replacing the logic board, not the inverter board, but apparently for me they tried replacing the inverter board.

    Weds 8/3 - MBP goes to "final testing" - which will turn out to be quite a misnomer! - and fails sensor test, needs to go back for repair

    Thurs 8/4 through Weds 8/9 - Apparently the MBP sat around the repair facility with NOTHING DONE for six days (yes, the repair facility works weekends, Apple tells me). This seemed pretty hard to believe, but from I'm told it did indeed fail testing on the 3rd and no further repair was done until the 9th, when customer service ordered the repair depot to "escalate" my repair. Believe it or not, it seems like they forgot about it.

    Thurs 8/10 - Apple replaces the logic board, sends MBP back to "final testing". Customer service puts in a second escalation request to have my repair classified as "critical," in part because I'm moving next week and need this back ASAP.

    Fri 8/11 - MBP fails final testing *again*, and repair depot reports that they're going to have to attempt another logic board replacement. Without my asking, another customer service rep tries to put in another escalation request, already to find that it's already been escalated to the highest level. D'oh.

    So, in total, this repair will have taken at least two weeks, and possibly much longer. The sad thing is that this MBP has barely been used and is basically brand new: I ordered it back in January because my school's financial aid was offering me $1000 toward a new computer purchase if I ordered by the end of the month, but I wasn't planning on using it until school starts up again in a week and a half. I spent maybe 4 or 5 nights transfering files over and setting it up, but that's all. Ah well.

    (The delays are actually going to wind up costing me quite a bit of money, too. I'm shipping my things out to school next week, and was planning on shipping my old computer with them. But now I need to hold onto this old computer until my MBP is back, and then I'll have to ship this separately, which is not cheap!)


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