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    Originally Posted by lundy

    Nope. It makes two completely separate code generations, so the settings for one do not affect the other.

    EDIT: of course, in large programs, if one has no need for one platform or the other, one can make the binary a smaller file by choosing one platform instead of Universal. But this app only generates about a 4K universal binary anyway, so it's moot.

    I gotcha. Thanks Johnny.
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    MacBook 1.83GHz with 1GB of Ram


    66-50-11-19:~/Desktop RulerNella$ ./OSXAutoThreadMHP.pl -i 10000000

    Automatic Processor Detection found 2 processor cores.

    Playing 10000000 games across 2 cores...

    Thread# 0 created.

    Thread# 1 created.

    Waiting for thread(s) to finish....

    Grand totals for all threads:

    Sticker has won 3332606 times

    Switcher has won 6667394 times

    Time elapsed for 10000000 solutions was 48.446411 seconds.

    Not bad, if I do say so myself
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    How's the noise level?

    Wasn't this thread partially in response to questions on

    http://forums.appleinsider.com/showt...t=65619&page=2 in response to the noise level?

    If these new boxes are truly quiet, even when fully loaded, this would be truly cool!
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    chewychewy Posts: 3member
    Pls, has anyone got anything to say about the noise level when you max out these machines?
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    Originally Posted by Chewy

    Pls, has anyone got anything to say about the noise level when you max out these machines?

    My Mac Pro fans have never spun up under load. They are just as quiet at full load as they are at idle. They do spin up for a second when booting and did once during the firmware update but that was by design.

    perfectly quiet and perfectly cool all the time. The loudest thing in the system is the DVD drive when it spins up to full bore. otherwise you can only hear the hard drives if you are in a silent room (no background noise at all).
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    I'm bumping this up because I want to see how the newer core 2 duo MacBook's and MacBook Pro do in this test, I'm hoping to see some very nice improvements over the core duo versions.

    So if anyone has one of the Mac core 2 duo notebooks please post your scores
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    Good idea!
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