SLI in Mac Pro. It's True Onlooker!!



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    Originally Posted by slughead

    On a Mac, NVidia cards are usually better as they are more OpenGL oriented. The Doom III and Quake 4 tests were probably chosen because those are both highly OpenGL games (as opposed to directX--where ATI takes the cake).

    Yes, excellent point on OpenGL. So it looks quite certain that the 7300GT is a stronger performer than X1600 if you are in OS X most of the time. In any case, the 7300GT is no slouch in DirectX PC games, just don't expect fancy-schmancy quality especially if you want to play DirectX PC games at 1920 by 1200 pixels. You'd go medium quality at that res, maybe only 2x AA, 8x AF...
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    When buying the 24-inch at $1,999 though, the 7600GT 256MB RAM is only $125 more. A stunningly worthwhile upgrade over the 7300GT 128MB RAM. Particularly if you are dealing with 24-inches of glorious 1920x1200 pixelz.
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    Originally Posted by slughead

    <nitpick> says that it may work, the problem not being with EFI but with the onboard ROM (which is used as a driver for the card until the OS loads)..

    Someone, who sounded very smart, said that most modern video cards will work in EFI, but that does not mean they'll work with the Mac Pro, being as how Apple requires a special ROM to show the on-screen boot menu.

    This is why OS X can sometimes view a video card in the system profiler (as mentioned in some reports) but will not make use of it.

    HOWEVAH! If an OS X driver is introduced for ANY PC video card with EFI capability, it's very possible that OS X could run the card, but the pre-OS video would remain 'black', and therefore the boot menu (which shows up when you hold option) would be unviewable on that card.

    If that's the case.. well I'ma gettin one! Screw the boot menu!

    Yes, hard to say at this stage, we'll just have to wait for hackers to get on the case so that there can be some sweet 7600GT action in a Mac Pro - a nice affordable niche in between the 7300GT and the full-on X1900XT. Then SLI 7600GTs**, throw out the 7300GT that came with the Mac Pro.

    *SIGH* I really gotta stop thinking like a PC Gamer especially on Mac forums.

    **SLI only in Bootcamp Windows not OS X
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    Any one who did the SLI connections please answer my questions :::

    I have a Mac Pro and 2 nVidia 7300 GT graphics cards I couldn't run any SLI. in fact nothing in the nVidia control panel (on WINXP SP2) says SLI. and I have download the software from nVidia's web site.

    Do I have to use the SLI connector ???

    I live in Saudi Arabia, here I couldn't find any SLI connectors

    I found one shop who did understand what I mean ( Because most of the shops where like WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT) this shop said "buy a 300$ motherboard to get one" and these connectors sold on eBay for 5$, and I can't buy from there

    I didn't use any SLI connector ,,,,,,

    Please I need help
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    You need hacked sli drivers
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    Hay thanx for replay

    where do i get these drivers, I did download the software from

    is it that one, or another??
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