What is your desktop?



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    Thanks, it looks great now!
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    Originally Posted by tbsstunta View Post

    Here is my old Jaguar grab (12" Powerbook).

    [cut image]

    A very well customised desktop!

    Can you tell me what that iTunes controller app is that your running (that runs along under your menubar)?
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    Originally Posted by tonton View Post

    How it all fits (this is in my office @ school)

    Dude, you HAVE to tell me if portrait display modes are built in to OS X. It can't be possible, can it?

    Do I just need to buy a rotating screen, and it'll work!? Or do I need some software, like that hack I used to use on OS 9 (old-timers might remember me turning my Titanium Powerbook on its side).

    If this simply works with a pivoting display, I'm totally in!!! Forget widescreen. I wants me a highscreen.

    It works out of the box. Just go into the display section of the System Preferences andchange the value for "Rotate"
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    westwest Posts: 34member
    Here are a few of mine. I get them from mandolux.com as well.

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