Anyone getting a Wii?

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Who here plans on getting a Wii on day one?

I can't wait to play Wii Sports and Zelda- I'll be picking those up and an extra controller set on launch day. Also looking forward to Metroid, Mario Galaxy, and Smash brothers.

The "channels" are pretty cool too- always wanted to get a local weather forecast on my TV.

There are several other 3rd party games that look good too- Red Steel and Rayman look good.

Can't wait!


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    I am!
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    How much? In several months I want to ditch PC gaming altogether and go PS3, or Wii - can they connect to a PC DVI LCD 1280x1024 monitor? The reason why I *hate* PS2 is because it only hooks up to a TV, pretty low rez...
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    It can if you get a HDMI-DVI lead 8) (I assume you want your monitor is HD...?)

    If not, then Im not so sure.

    Im not getting a Wii...its too cheerful, happy, and there is not enough violent games for me.

    I need war, grit, and death on my games console (In otherwords, PS3 for me )
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    Originally Posted by 132GHz,4TB DDR8 SDRAM,95TB HDD

    It can if you get a HDMI-DVI lead 8) (I assume you want your monitor is HD...?)

    I want my Wii or PS3 to hook up via DVI or HDMI-to-DVI to my 1280x1024pixel LCD Sony monitor - which I currently have hooked up to my AMD64 1GBram 2.16ghz CPU OC'ed 6600GT rig

    I want to make the transition out of the madness of PC gaming and upgrading and all that. For just a few hours a day, a next-gen console would be better. I refuse to get the XBOX360.

    How much for the Wii? I'll look that up. They're saying PS3 retails at $800 USD? That can't be right.

    Googling, please hold... [Insert Spinning Beachball]
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    Wii: $250 USD and November 19th were the price and date quoted for the release of the console
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    Originally Posted by tacojohn

    Who here plans on getting a Wii on day one?

    Perhaps not day one, but I will be finding it difficult to keep myself away, especially since the Wii is supposed to come with the sports games. Other than that I'm REALLY keen on the new Smash Bros. I maintain that the GC version was one of the (if not THE) best games on it.
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    Sony PS3: US$499 basic, US$599 premium. November 17, 2006

    $600 USD. fuck me that's a lot. the $500 basic has no HDMI out...! so no DVI higher res than Standard Def. Yuck.
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    The Wii doesn't do HD, at all.

    But I'll def be getting one :P I've been waiting for that Zelda game for years now.
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    Q: Will Revolution support high-definition?

    A: No. Nintendo is more focused on making Revolution small, quiet and affordable, according to company executives. As a result, it will not be able to output in the accepted 720p, 1080i and 1080p high-definition formats. It will, however, support 480p (progressive-scan), which means that it will once again be able to use component outputs.

    "It is accurate that at this time we will not support high-definition [on Revolution]," confirmed Nintendo of America's vice president of corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, in early 2005.
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    480p - that means 756x480p PAL 720x480p NTSC if i recall correctly. Poo. A bit of a waste of my 1280x1024 LCD monitor.
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    Hmmm.. looks like high-def console gaming will cost $$$ to get the PS3, otherwise the low res of the Wii is not worth it.

    I know if I use a decent 500-line TV or simple 720p Plasma(!) things will be sweet with the Wii and the PS3, but then now we're looking at things just as expensive as PC gaming...!

    And I am not going to play games on a crappy standard def TV.

    Looks like it's PC gaming and small upgrades along the way for now. Another 6600GT to SLI, another 1gb of RAM, new aftermarket heat-sink-fans for the video cards to overclock. CPU overclock at 2.16ghz (stock 1.8ghz) is decent enough and keeps the RAM speeds/ latencies in check. It's GPU power and RAM that are the next important areas in my rig for PC gaming into 2007, that and, oh, a 15,000rpm 80gb hard disk . GPU and RAM first, 15k hard disk later (much much much much later )
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    I'll be getting a Wii. They just sound too fun! =)
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Originally Posted by tacojohn

    I can't wait to play Wii Sports and Zelda- I'll be picking those up and an extra controller set on launch day.

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    Originally Posted by Placebo

    If I were to get a gaming system it would de the Wii
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    I'm a bit over the hill for games, but I actually tend to favor the Wii. I may get it for no other reason, ease of gameplay and geared to more than 2 players. Looks like a fun system.
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    Wii60 baby.8)

    Can't wait to play wii sports, zelda, and red steel. Then I have gears of war and forza 2 to look forward to for 360. ( gonna be a great winter )
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    heh. Zelda. All of them. over and over and over and over again.
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    For PS3 fans - how much IS the extra controller for the Wii anyway?
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    $40 for the main controller (remote part) and $20 for the tethered part (the nunchuck as they call it.)
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    Heh. That's not expensive at all. $290 for two remote controllers then? (1 with Wii stock + 1 bought extra)
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