Apple stuns Macworld crowd with multi-function iPhone device

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is it just cingular? im going to be pissed if it is


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    eduardoeduardo Posts: 181member
    Err, they announce OS 10.5 information tomorrow, right?
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    icibaquicibaqu Posts: 278member
    everything is reversed on the board. NEW WORLD ON THE APPLE PHONE.

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    One phone to rule them all.

    Apple just reinvented the phone. The iPhone is a revolution.

    (Too bad it's only on Cingular, which means I won't be getting one. \ )
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    Welcome to 2007. INDEED

    Sadly, we here in Asia have to wait a year for the joy of buying one...

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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    I wantz it!!!
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    Originally Posted by Eduardo View Post

    Err, they announce OS 10.5 information tomorrow, right?

    Uhhh, maybe the wrong place to be saying that... this phone is FANTASTIC!

    Other announcements MUST follow in the next days/weeks. iWork, iLife both need updating. New iMacs or something. But in the meantime, savor this baby.
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    Does anybody know if you will have to sign a contract for this phone?
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    Stunning!! Simply Stunning!

    Just when you thought M$ had Apple on the run, they come out with a real beauty!

    Can't wait until they release in Europe

    Will they put 3G in it at some point?

    And a 2nd camera for iChat/video calls?

    Well, anyway, it must have spoilt J Allard's day at least!

    8) 8)
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    hujibhujib Posts: 117member
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    How come the article is post #11??!!

    Must be a time-warp!
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    Originally Posted by OS X Guy View Post

    Does anybody know if you will have to sign a contract for this phone?

    Apparently the prices quoted for both 4GB & 8GB versions also include a 2-year contract with Cingular.

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    willrobwillrob Posts: 203member
    Originally Posted by OS X Guy View Post

    Does anybody know if you will have to sign a contract for this phone?

    The prices quoted include two year Cingular contract.
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    Well, yesterday I said I would never pay 500 bucks for any phone, today Apple made a liar out of me. I was about to purchase the Moto/Cingular 8525, but forgetaboutit....this is the phone I must own. I've been saying that if they release a phone, it has to be a smartphone type device. Well, we will have said device in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member
    I am really excited about the iPhone - I just hope that they offer an $800 unlocked 8gig version as well as the $600 locked one. P800->the wife, iPhone->me!

    I actually had to go lie down for a bit instead of doing the F5 refresh on the engadget coverage - I just couldn't stand it, the pleasure was so intense.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    OK... I was wrong! Steve did it! Pretty incredible device. A computer+phone+iPod. Wow.... but no Leopard info!
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    eckingecking Posts: 1,588member
    Man I was telling myself I wouldn't need it and I wouldn't be interested but shit, this is EXACTLY what I wanted! I want this phone now! I hope the phone will eventually be sold unlocked or is not locked. And I hope they haven't locked using itunes songs as ring tones out that way you have to buy from your cell company.

    I wonder who will supply it in canada, I'm with fido so hopefully them.

    This basically guarantees a widescreen ipod soon. They probably debuted this first so that way the ipod wouldn't take the wind out of the phone's sails.

    If I can't get the phone in canada without some insanely gross price inflation, I'll just go ahead with my plans to get an ericsson z710i and the widescreen ipod.

    So now apple you have a few months to let that widescreen ipod drop.

    I must say though, I'm loving the iPhone's earbuds, addin that mic ability without changing the look is clever.

    I'm so f**king excited for this year's apple products.
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    hujibhujib Posts: 117member
    Looks awesome - I'll be getting one for sure.

    Bring on the 11" screen version with iWork Express and I'll buy that too!
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    benjbenj Posts: 68member
    Yeh slightly disappointed - the phones amazing and will start a revolution -but being in the UK it's going to be a while before it gets here. It would be good to have all those features on a 40GB iPod without the phone- I wonder what the new iPod will be like?

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    Well, isn't this a bit of the old argy-bargy?

    Apple has sussed this whole mobile thing out!
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    IMO, the most "stunning" part of the announcement is the high price.
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