Apple's Leopard still accompanied by lengthy bug list



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    In the new build Brushed Metal is totally gone - or actually replaced with a darker version of what's in Mail today.

    Even Mail has the darker theme but it looks out of place here and there. In System Preference the dark top doesn't look good when the rest of the window is light grey - it's obvious that it will change before the final build.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    According to reports already plastered on Apple-related web sites, Mac OS X Leopard (Client) Build 9A410, which was released to thousands of Mac OS X developers this week, still carries with it a laundry list of nearly three dozen known issues.

    One application in particular that continues to receive refinements is the Terminal application, according to those reports posted on the Web. However, those changes include only subtle modifications to the software's window settings.

    The seed notes only lists a few changes and a few bugs - there are much more than that.
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    About the brushed metal being gone: is the gray the shade of the current iTunes?
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    It's a bit darker than iTunes. (Edit: it seems to be the same - it's the taller top bar in iTunes that makes it look a bit different)

    Btw. this is the only theme in this Leopard build - the light one from Mail, System Preferences and others are gone too - as are the pinstripes in window backgrounds like System Preferences.

    When you "Quick Look" a folder it shows a folder with the actual items in it.

    MP3 and AAC files have their album cover as icons in the Finder if the cover is embedded in the file - downloaded covers from iTS don't show.
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