Apple delays Leopard release until October



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    k_munick_munic Posts: 357member
    User Interface of iTunes (both on Mac & PC)

    TimeMachine (timeline file management)

    Spotlight (auto indexing)

    iPhone (UI)

    re-programming of Quicktime..

    high speed wireless connections

    hardware as software-extenders... (iPod, AppleTV...)


    I speculate on a DRAMATIC change in the System's User Interface...:

    10.5. drops the 40y old desktop metaphor.. beige card folders, Oscar's trashbin, a file just in one fixed location?? .. harhar...-

    we will see: no more files, just versions. the death of the save button. 'flipping' instead of searching. 'movin images' on a System Level..

    and a wireless connected, remote controlled, headless home server, 8x8x8", to store all those terabytes of your life...

    Apple will still be displaying a "feature complete" version of Leopard at June's WWDC event

    .. it will be an interesting WWDC ...
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    Originally Posted by webmail View Post

    Apple releases the hardware when it's available and sometimes even before! Notice the 3ghz, 8 processors Mac has a processor from Intel that no-one else has been able to get yet!

    Buying a new Mac today, or buying one at the end of June (when you thought Leopard was coming) won't make a damn bit of difference. There's a 3 month delay in the OS release. I'm sorry but I work in Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator all day with 4 Mac Pro towers. I just ordered the new 8 core one... Nothing I do is going to make Leopard not run on it.

    Apple releases hardware now BASED ON THE AVALIBILITY FROM INTEL. If you want to know when a hardware update is coming, SIMPLY take a look at what processors are coming out when/for what from Intel (the roadmap). That's when the next update will be.

    Did you read my post at all webmail?
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    Originally Posted by d.wannan View Post

    Well... I'm not so bothered about the delay in Leopard's release... the only thing for me is Boot Camp... this is timed beta software, due to expire at least in part in September - if we don't get Leopard (and the 'full' version of Boot Camp) till October now, what's going to happen to those of us heathens running Windows on Boot Camp on our Macs?

    Uhm, they could release a new beta.

    I dunno - it's just a guess
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    Originally Posted by montefuego View Post

    Anyone agree?

    Mememe! You hit the nail right on. What is wrong with Tiger? It's still ahead of Vista, rock solid and runs all current apps. Including Adobe's much-overhyped CS3-bloatware.

    You know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There's still a lot of folks out there happily running 10.3.9. Sure, they don't have all the whizbang that us Tiger folks have come to like, but I bet they can accomplish 99% of what they *actually* want/need to do on their Macs just as well.

    Same will go for Leopard. Look at it this way: a few more months in development == more stability, more cooler features, more maturity of the code.

    All is good in the state of Apple.

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    Originally Posted by MarcUK View Post

    given how many tens/hundreds of millions of $ Apple will lose through lost sales because of a 6 month wait, you wonder why they just dont hire a few more people to complete the damn thing already!

    That's the strategy Microsoft practices.. it would be a bad move.
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    I am so disappointed. I have been waiting for Leopard and Macbook since August 2006. Now we have to wait half year more. That is too much.

    I hope they will make some outstanding new GUI, which uses core animation. I hope for many new useful things by October. And also I expect a good hardware update for new Macbooks: in terms of processor and graphics, RAM, flash-based memory for OS X, battery life, Blu-ray. Otherwise, I will be pissed off.
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    Originally Posted by angevil View Post

    I am so disappointed. I have been waiting for Leopard and Macbook since August 2006. Now we have to wait half year more. That is too much.

    I hope they will make some outstanding new GUI, which uses core animation. I hope for many new useful things by October. And also I expect a good hardware update for new Macbooks: in terms of processor and graphics, RAM, flash-based memory for OS X, battery life, Blu-ray. Otherwise, I will be pissed off.

    OK, and what would keep you from buying the next MB update? AFAIK this could happen any time now. Leopard will run on it, so what's the point of waiting?

    As for the techological advancements that you cite:

    - flash based memory: We might or might not see that in the next Apple portables. I expect it to be limited to the Macbook Pro though. It's clearly an advanced feature.

    - graphics: Same here, if you want decent graphics, get an MBP. The GPU will probably be updated in the next MBP model.

    - processors: just a matter of time.

    - battery life: it's not like all other notebook manufacturers aren't struggling with this age old issue.

    - Blue-Ray: This is not ready for the mass market yet. Just look at current drive prices. Give it another 6-12 months before they adobt Blue-Ray. Besides: many of us couldn't care less, at least what all the overhyped HD content is concerned. IMHO, a good movie is not defined by its picture quality. Period. HD is just another excuse to sell us all the content we bought in the last 10 years on DVD once more. Happened before with the VHS->DVD conversion, will happen again. While putting VHS at rest using a media that doesn't wear out (if you're just a little careful) was a heaven sent, the added value that HD offers isn't cutting it for me. Especially considering the draconian DRM it tries to force on the populace.

    Bottom line: Get your MB soon, don't wait for Leopard. Besides, what will keep you from selling your new MB second hand and get the latest when yet another model arrives?

    All is well in the state of Apple.
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    lucinalucina Posts: 3member
    What if iPhone bombs?
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    Oh come on, does this really matter that much? Is it going to affect our daily lives? No. Three months will go quickly, compared to the three Vista years. <sarcasm>That was worth the wait.</sarcasm>

    I don?t think that this is that much of a deal. Plus now I can get a separate screen for my MacBook for my birthday instead of the obligatory OS X purchase which has haunted me over the last few years.

    Seriously everyone, take a chill pill.
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    Many people live to rant about whatever they can find to rant about. In the case of AI, it is a company that none of us controls, yet many of us believe it exists soley for ourselves.

    Thus, Apple is wrog when they make a decision that doesn't match our expectations.

    Persoanally, I am happy it was pushed back; just got a new MBP and would like to not have the OS and some apps made obsolete or dated quite yet.
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    Originally Posted by EagerDragon View Post

    Say no comment if they have to, but never lie to the customers. That is very bad form.

    Just because you assume they're lying doesn't make it so.
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    Originally Posted by lfe2211 View Post

    Wow and congrats Webmail! You da man!

    Don't feed the animals.....

    He is basically trying to tell everyone "Look at me I have lots of money"....

    10k shares at $14 = $140,000

    90k shares at $60 = $5.4 Million

    So basically....$5.5M spent on stock....

    Yay for him he has lots of money....who gives a crap.
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    The market is ridiculous when it comes to Apple. Why? Because none of them have a mac - they only know iPOD! I have now bought Apple 9 times on dips because of stupid reactions to anything negative in the new, totalling $38,000 in profit since January's high! The stock should be realistically, $95. After earnings, it will go to $96 and then people will take a profit, at which point, sell, and buy AGAIN when it goes back to $93, because after October, it will reach $105.

    The company is in an incredible position because of simple unchecked pieces of research - people who already own an older Apple, which are a HUGE number, are just now upgrading to the new computers, and Leopard does not play into any of this. The average consumer, especially teens and college students, don't care about Leopard. While I'm sure will be great, Leopard has absolutely nothing to do wih people going to purchase an Apple computer, iPod, iTV - none of it matters! So, when this stock goes below 90, I am BUYING it for the 10th time this year! Viva Apple and the people who don't understand their customeers!
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    Originally Posted by Macvault View Post

    Check out

    Jaguar Release? Well their website does look like it's still in 2003.

    Edit: Wow, they really butchered this report.


    Leopard is expected to boast new features including a file backup feature called "Time Machine" and improvements to its e-mail and instant messaging software. Another feature allows users to move from their standard desktop view to an archival view showing every change made to a particular file.

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    Originally Posted by Henriok View Post

    This is a good time as any to make the radical decision to make Mac OS X free for all Mac users and that this will include current as all future versions. Apple can't make much money on OSX and it would probably be weighed up by increased hardware sales There must be much more money in such a promise, good will and the fact that almost the entire user base will be up to date at any given time. The costs for developers (and Apple) would decrease as they won't have to support as many platforms. And the contrast to how expensive Windows is would be amazing

    This struck me as a brilliant idea. I wonder how much money Apple actually does make from sales of OSX? How many hardware sales does Apple miss out on due to those of us holding off for the next big release? It would be to Apple's advantage to keep hardware moving without the timing of operating system realeases to worry about. Keeping the entire user base up-to-date also has many advantages.

    I also wonder if the "big release" model is entirely necessary. Why not have all Macs continually and automatically updated, as is already done? There doesn't need to be any more "Tiger", "Leopard", etc. Just "MacOS" which runs as much as it can within the capabilities of a given piece of hardware.


    The iPhone is important not just because it's Apple's entry into the lucrative phone market, but it's an entry into the handheld computer market also. As has been prophesied for years now, handhelds will be an important area. It's just that no-one has done it right yet. This is a big opportunity for Apple, and will in many ways represent a bigger breakthrough than the release of Leopard.
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    Originally Posted by wirc View Post

    Well their website does look like it's still in 2003. What a surprise that they only have WMA movies.

    Oh, I know... I can't beleive they're still hooked on WMA. WMA is from the devil
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    Originally Posted by sausage&Onion View Post

    Are you serious? You have been a Mac user since Apple II and a delay in an OS release makes you doubt your experiences up till this point? That is so crazy I had to register just to tell you so.

    Originally Posted by a_greer

    Looks llike copying Vista is hard work (ducks)

    I expect that a lot of Windows fanboys will be saying this when Leopard arrives.

    Originally Posted by lfe2211

    IT managers in Wintel Wonderland understand this and are waiting until Vista matures enough, if ever, before they deploy it.

    Yeah but that's what I was saying. Vista could easily be mature by the time Leopard is even shipping in which case it's a pretty easy decision to make. If IT people were to consider switching to Apple, it would have made far more sense to compare their best OS with all the backup features and developer enhancements and now they can't.

    Originally Posted by disco

    The iPhone was originally was designed with a plastic LCD screen - it has been switched to glass at the last minute. I am not certain of the reason behind the switch, but engineering is struggling to implement the last-minute change.

    Glass is much better. The PSP feels better than devices that use plastic.

    Originally Posted by hmurchison

    I do not want to see the iPhone become "Newton 2"

    I still really wish they'd called it the Newton though.
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    Here's my summation of why Leopard's taking so long to develop. I know it doesn't really excuse a delay, but this is undoubtedly a massive update to the OS, certainly beyond what I had appreciated until a couple of weeks ago...
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    Originally Posted by desarc View Post

    how often did Jobs jab at Microsoft for delaying Vista?

    Well it's only a three month delay guys ... not several years! As someone else said, it will be a great opportunity to buy AAPL as it will no doubt dip due to this before continuing the climb.
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