iPhone Touch Screen Dead Spots



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    Same here. But my problem is near the top. And it even happened right after i got my 5c.
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    today, i just noticed that the top right corner if my iPhone 5 touchscreen is dead, so no you're not the only one. as far as a software update being a contributing factor, i don't think thats the problem as my iPhone 5 is running the latest version of iOS to date iOS 9.0.2. I just went to a repair shop to see if intact it mightt be my digitizer but no luck there, i tried restoring it, but the guy at the repair shop suggested that i might need to get the logic board replaced. I guess its not that bad as it only affects a 1cm part on my screen in the top right corner of my screen. until i have enough to have my logic board replaced, i guess ill just have to live with it. but no you're not the only one. 

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