Apple slashes 8GB iPhone price to $399, 4GB model to fade



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    Originally Posted by wnurse View Post

    It's one thing to reply to a post, it's another thing to reply unintelligently. Very, very carefully, reread the post. In fact, you might want to read the prior replies that lead to the post.

    I understood what the post was about. As you must have noticed, several here have been complaining loudly, that they are due a refund (some of which they have now gotten).

    I was showing that you simply can't expect one all of the time, no matter what product, and price it may go to. I thought that was obvious. I guess not.


    First of all, i was making an analogy that buying something at any price, even if you knew what the function of that item was in advance does not preclude fraud. Who said anything about getting a refund for gasoline?. Can the early adopters who bought from day 1 demand a refund?. what was your point exactly?.

    I really don't even consider the idea of fraud to be one worthy of addressing. You are attempting to take normal business practice, abet rushed to some extent, and extend to it the monica of fraud,. I didn't want to abet that allegation. You must have noticed that I've already tried to put that accusation out to pasture, but a couple of you here keep trying to bring it up again, with no evidence.

    So yes, I'm trying to steer the conversation away from that, back to where it belongs, one's reaction to the situation.


    2. Of course selling insurance like that is a fraud, duh!!!.. that was my point. The original point was that because iphone users knew what they got, any price apple charges was ok. My point was that if i then told a senior person exactly what they got but overcharged them anyway, it is fraud. Just because someone explains to you exactly what you are buying does not mean they cannot perpetrate a fraud!!!..

    I know that was your intention. At that point, I felt I had to address it, or just blank out that part of your post, and ignore it.


    Reading and comprehending is fundamental. That's why i said read the previous replies. I was being sarcastic. Had you not jumped in the argument at the end with your smart alec reply, you wouldn't be looking like an A$$ right now.

    It's not my posts that look that way, but rather those of you who keep trying to make the same tired points, over and over again, even though the vast majority of us here are not going to let you get away with it.


    3. I agreed that everyone who bought an iphone got what they paid for.. that was not the point!!.. again, just because you got what you paid for does not mean fraud was not perpetuated.

    The point is worth repeating, because you don't understand, or aren't willing to understand, the reality.


    Mel, usually you are more intelligent than this. I'll chalk this up to fatigue.. you have been posting non-stop all day yesterday defending apple. It's a thankless job i know.

    I try hard. My posting a response was not intended to shore up your argument. I responded the way I felt it should be responded to.

    I'm sorry you don't appreciate that.

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    Honestly, Apple should have raised the price of the iPhone just to keep the early adopters satiated. I'm sure that would have been a better solution.
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    Since I bought my iPhone at the higher price, if I ever want to sell it, is it worth more than iPhones bought at the lower price?

    iPhone classic?

    Will people be willing to pay more for an iPhone bought during the first two months than the same model bought after the first two months?

    And if I do ever sell it, will I have to give the buyer a $100 refund off the selling price two months after they buy it?

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    At least you can get the iPhone in the US, us English can't even get it and, as usual, when it becomes available it will be double the price that it is in the US at any one time! So you think you have problems, trying living in the UK!

    Apple's move is understandable... ever heard of creaming? They need to get their R&D costs back somehow and the first 2 months of purchases by the Apple fan base allowed them to do this, gain a reputation and lower the cost so they could gain market share.

    Dissapointed? Wait next time!
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    Look, I bought an iPhone in the first week of July. for $599, and I am in no way upset. It is the best phone ever, and I cannot think of a reason to complain. If it was a bad phone, maybe I would complain, but not right now. Y'all should stop complaining, it is getting old.
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    i've been reading serveral analysts views of the iphone price cut from "brilliant" to "apple bit off more than it could chew". i think it's toward the 'brilliant" side. for several reasons, with a punch this early to it's competitors, which were caught flatfooted, and apple did the unexpected in a retail sense, some even likened it to the sony ps3 price or value bundling in 8months after intro, some have said that he's not selling as many as he should, therefore the stock goes down.

    since SJ and apple can decide and act at the speed of a thought unlike other inertia corps, competitors are jealous of SJ's control. SJ probably realized that the cell phone business is a different beast and that product changes and intros occur every 2-3 months with a new model, he knew this and said to his board "as soon as production lowers our costs we pass that along to maintain momentum and NOT to interfere with the european intro". I think this move keeps iphone in the hearts and minds of both markets, forces people to be serious about the european model, slaps the competition in the face, since nokia et al thought it's too expensive for not having 3g for us sophisticated european buyers. but doing what you are not supposed to do helped many in a military campaign as is this. i think doing this puts many markets on notice. SJ did say he would be agressive, well here it is and the competitors are now spinning again, not 2 months after a flagship product. SJ has more up his sleeve, to the point that now i feel a 3 g will come out before Christmas, for the european intro, with the edge as the base model at a lower price, and gives apple room to creat a new flagship a 16gb 3 g phone AND keep the edge iphone also in the mix for europe. many think this move was for american and it's market, i feel it's all about the european into, he already had the numbers for success here, but we don't have as much of 3g as across the pond. as competitors were getting settled into the holiday buying season product planning, and europe hasn't signed on yet (may have) this upsets the applecart (forgive the pun.) . don't you think this puts massive pressure on the european carriers and further stimulates the drooling in europe??? does europe have the same OMG factor as here in the states? i think ol' SJ just made them pucker more giving the carriers a little more push to sign on.
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    i live in venezuela, we don't have apple stores or starbucks to wi-fi with our ipods, we don't get iphones, we have a control exchange so we're limited in what we buy from outside this shit hole country..

    so you paid $200 more to have one of the most anticipated products in electronics history.. so what?

    don't worry! just send your overpriced iphone to a 3rd world country and you'll get exactly double of what you paid for, then go back to your apple store buy a cheaper one, afterwards go to starbucks to get that amazing frappuccino of the day and enjoy your day pissing on appleinsider about "my iphone"..

    ..and then by december or january when apple comes out with version 2.0 or simply another one with new shape or capabilities or simply a 3G model and come back to do this same pussie shit comentary back here @ appleinsider.

    i only have one thing to say to appleinsider: start charging this people for all the therapy they are getting for free.

    as in for me, well i'll have to wait until apple remembers that latin america exists, get a partner by 2010 that will sell us very high priced iphones with ridiculous terms for using it and then get robbed or killed because the majority of our compatriots are so poor that they don't get to eat even 1 good meal a day..

    enjoy your iphone!

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    Sure you got gouged. You didn't just get gouged, you lined up around corners for the privilege of being gouged. And guess what? When Apple gives you a store credit for $100, you're still gonna be getting gouged!

    That's because you signed up for a two-year contract with a terrible phone provider that didn't subsidise your phone! They didn't bring the price down from $600 to $400. They brought it down from $3200 to $3000.

    Have fun with it idiots.
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