Apple, Jobs, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut, rebates



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    Originally Posted by sandor View Post

    Actually, most involved in the beverage industry thought McDonad's coffee temperatures were about right:

    "A spokesman for the National Coffee Association says McDonald's coffee conforms to industry temperature standards. And a spokesman for Mr. Coffee Inc., the coffee-machine maker, says that if customer complaints are any indication, industry settings may be too low - some customers like it hotter."

    i have read the same statement in other locations, especially that some coffee is served at sub-optimal temperatures, simply because businesses fear lawwsuits.

    Coffee is *supposed* to be too hot when you first get it. You shouldn't even be able to take a sip without burning your tongue for at least 3-5 minutes. It's part of the experience.
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    mark2005mark2005 Posts: 1,158member
    DeaPeaJay: Good one!

    Exactly how I feel every morning, as I drop in an ice cube so my impatient self can get a sip.
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    after reading this... i decided that im going to sue a gas station every day that there is a price drop from the day before. Should work right?
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    to make sure i got everyone covered, i'm suing the rest of you for hurting my feelings in the future!

    wang is taking care of the matter for me.

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    Originally Posted by mark2005 View Post

    DeaPeaJay: Good one!

    Exactly how I feel every morning, as I drop in an ice cube so my impatient self can get a sip.

    I'm suing Krups because their espresso machine makes the coffee too hot to sip for five minutes but I'm too impatient and usually burn my mouth on it anyways before the temperature goes down by 25 or 50 degrees. Had the coffee been warmed to the *FAIR* temperature from the start, none of this would have happened.
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    "The lawsuit goes on to accuse Apple, Jobs and AT&T of forcing customers into 2-year service agreements with AT&T and imposing hefty $175 termination fees."

    I'll never forget that terrifying night. I was just sitting at home, minding my own business, when Steve Jobs and a platoon of AT&T thugs burst through my front door.

    "YOU are getting an iPhone right now, on launch day, and you're going to have to sign a contract indicating that you'll use it for TWO YEARS! BWA HA HA HA HA," said the Steve, wringing his hands in evil glee.

    The AT&T thugs manhandled me into a waiting unmarked black van and took me down to the Apple Store at The Grove in West Hollywood. Hovering helicopters and troops with vicious, snarling dogs kept the damned in line as we waited, huddled in fear, knowing our only choices were to sign the two year contract or be put up against the back wall of the Apple Store and shot.

    I survived that night. But I know a lot of people who didn't. I see their faces whenever I get a call on my iPhone, because I screwed up my contacts list and all the portraits are wrong.

    For the sake of the dead, I hope she wins.
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    Y'know, I'm rereading this, it really doesn't seem that she's bitching that they cut the price per se. The suit is that because of the price cut, she can't resell it for what she bought it for, plus profit.

    She's probably one of those eBay price gougers, y'know like the ones who work for Toys R Us, that buy the Wii for $250 minus employee discount and resell it on eBay for $500+.

    I love the entitlement mentality in the US right now.
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,528member
    Originally Posted by Cory Bauer View Post

    This story makes me ashamed to be human.

    Listen to some Art Tatum. You will be proud again.
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    19841984 Posts: 955member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    She, like thousands of others, the suit claims, is now the victim of price discrimination in that she cannot resell her iPhone for the same profit as customers who purchased the device after price drop. Similarly, she cannot trade up to 8GB model she had initially hoped to obtain and is now left with a product that has been discontinued.

    So basically she wanted to sell it for a profit on eBay but can't so she is suing Apple for a million dollars. When will people start taking responsibility for their own actions? It's always someone else's fault. Gee, I forgot to tie my shoelaces and tripped. I'm going to sue Nike.

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    That's all we need ... companies and stores worried about lowering the prices of their products!
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    Originally Posted by 1984 View Post

    So basically she wanted to sell it for a profit on eBay but can't so she is suing Apple for a million dollars. When will people start taking responsibility for their own actions? It's always someone else's fault. Gee, I forgot to tie my shoelaces and tripped. I'm going to sue Nike.

    Actually...that suit was filed. Except it was Redwing Boots. A construction worker was injured after tripping on an untied boot. He and his wife filed a multi-million dollar suit. Now all new Redwings come with a warning.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    "iPhone was selling very well because Apple's stocks were increasing since August 16, 2007 and rose as high as $144.16 on September 4, 2007, the day before Apple announced that it was cutting the price of iPhone."

    [ Digg this story ][/c]

    If this woman or her lawyer knew anything about business they would know this is a pathetic argument. Stock prices do not represent net income. Not only that but it's not as though Apple is receiving the money that the stock price increased by! They only receive the money earned at the IPO. We should sue her for wasting out time.
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    This lady is totally nuts ! huihhhahaha ahaoooooohoho
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    Originally Posted by Gustav View Post

    The coffee was several degrees above the standard temperature that hot coffee is normally served at. It caused burns at a severity that normal hot coffee could not do.

    Everyone loves to refer to the coffee lawsuit without knowing any of the facts.

    Yes hot water or hot water can cause burns. If you don't want to get burned by it don't buy it. Same for iPhone price drops.
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    No one made this person buy the 4 gig model, he chose to, he could have waited or went to a different store, hell, I don't know of one att store that sold out of 8 gig phones...I am really disgusted with Apple products and pricing lately, but this is a crap suit.
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    I see the iPhone is finally 'available' in Canada...$985

    Now that should be a lawsuit!
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    I Googled "Wang Law Offices, PLLC, New York" and found a law firm in Flushing. People could call them directly to comment on their use of our (already overburdened) court system.
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    Originally Posted by Constable Odo View Post

    But her iPhone still works, doesn't it?

    I hope she never buys an ultra-current model wide-screen HDTV. My poor Sony HD set dropped in price so fast it made my head spin. It still works great, though and I doubt if I can sue anyone for my rushing out to buy it. I should have waited six months later, but I was impatient. My bad, I learned my lesson.

    Or buying a car, where you lose thousands in resale value the second you pull off the lot...

    I should piss and moan about that, maybe...

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    Lawsuits of this nature aren't rooted in suffering or legitimate grievances, they're rooted in greed. Apple didn't force anybody to buy iPhone or guarantee a certain price for any length of time, and the two year contract with AT&T was known and agreed on by the iPhone buyers before they ever handed over any money for the phone itself. There's no justice here, it's about as frivolous as it gets. Shame on any court that even allows this kind bs under it's roof. Company's can cut product prices anytime they want and to the degree they want. To say a company can't legitimately cut there prices unless they're stock valuation is taking a dive is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Consumers need to assume more responsibility for there purchases, this is the real truth. I doubt anybody signed the two year AT&T contract at gun point or by way of hypnosis.
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    pmjoepmjoe Posts: 565member
    LOL! This will get thrown out rather quickly. Even if Apple did this with malace intent, it still wouldn't be illegal or grounds for a legitimate civil suit. Don't rush out and buy it on the first day, if you don't know what it's worth.

    On the flip side, I do see an SEC investigation about which pots all the iPhone money is going into in Apple and AT&T's future.
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