Apple, Jobs, AT&T sued over iPhone price cut, rebates



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    There have been some ridiculous suits so far, but this takes the cake.

    To win a suit, don't the things you're accusing the company of actually have to be ILLEGAL? Seriously, can't any company lower the price on any item as much as they want at any time with no warning? That's not illegal, if it was it would make it impossible to sell products at all.

    At least the hot coffee case was debatable, there was at least an argument to be made whether you agree with it or not. In this case, there's nothing more to it than someone suing because they're unhappy. I don't know what the hell that lawyer is thinking, there is no case and they're just wasting their time, and anyone with a clue about law should know that.
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    If this goes through there will be a free for all. Maybe I should sue because Jobs upgraded the first gen Macbook Pro's 3 months after their introduction and after I'd spent over three grand buying a 2.16g with a souped up 7200rpm hard drive and 2 gig of ram etc. It certainly devalued mine..... OR, maybe I can go on accepting that innovation is essential to the growth of the company and future products and get on with my life.

    I'm begging any judge looking at these suits in general to throw them out with monetary sanctions against the lawyers for filing frivolous actions. It's not these stupid clients who are to blame, it's the greedy lawyers hoping for a class action "settlement", which includes significant compensation for them that are to blame. Take away the incentive and you eliminate the crap.

    Stupid idiot should have done what I did anyway, bought the stock at $22.00 before it rose, split and rose again, instead of bitching about how much money Apple made. Damn, I made money thanks to Steve and I'm only sorry I didn't buy more back then!
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    With all these articles about suing only increasing on AppleInsider, I grow sicker and sicker each time I read them (even if I only read their titles). And to think, some people actually have the gall to still believe America is "The land of the free." It is also disheartening to see just how many computer users out there log onto this site only to vigorously defend each and every lawsuit brought to their attention by these articles, defending them under the "freedom to sue" argument.

    There's no more freedom in American lawsuits today than there is for a parent to give "freedom" to his 3-year-old to play ball on a busy street. True freedom has restrictions attached, as should be the case with legal action of any kind in America.

    Sadly, Americans are currently blind to the fact they are nothing more than slaves to the System, where Lawyers and Political Activist Judges are their taskmasters. What a sad and sorry condition this is. And how much sadder it is when Americans fight to defend such a foolish and outrageously unjust system.

    You defenders of the status quo in America are hopelessly lost, destined to never see the forest for the trees; all the while things get worst, with prison inmates having the right to burden our courts with suits against Steve Jobs and OJ Simpson, or our elected representatives being allowed to frivilously sue God Himself.

    Americans have willingly allowed their legal system to become the ultimate cesspool of foolishness.
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    if she wanted a 8G phone, she should have ordered a 8 G phone. Apple didn't force her to wait in line and buy a 4 G phone. I really don't know why people waste their time in line when a new product comes out other than they have plenty of time on their hands and they want to be the first to own one so that everyone else can envy them.

    I really hope they throw this one out. Give her the $100 rebate and be done with it.
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    She should be punished for wasting the court's time and filing a spurious claim.
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    Bill Maher said it best on Real Time:

    Enough of the cry-babies whining about the iPhone price cut. Early Adopter? An early adopter is a F**KING retard that waited in line for 6 hours to spend $600 for a F**KING PHONE!

    This lawsuit has no merit. Everything drops in price, doesn't matter if it is 2 months or 6 months. She is complaining about buying the 4 GB model? All the stupid b**** had to do was buy the 8 GB one ONLINE and wait a few days for shipment! No one dragged her sorry ass to stand in line to force her to waste her money on a phone. She did it herself.

    Just like the fool that put a hot cup of coffee in her crotch and burned herself!
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    I just have one thing to say... OMFG!

    Ok... two things (and the first thing was really just an acronym)... I love Bill Maher. Kind of a dick... but his commentary is always razor sharp and right on.
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    Usually, I am one to attack apple because i think their products are overpriced (they are) but this suit is kinda ridiculous. What is the bottom line, that apple cannot reduce their prices?. I think she would have had a better lawsuit if she had accused Apple of engaging in monopolistic practices (and yes, apple can be monopolistic even if there are alternatives, just like microsoft can be a monopoly even though alternatives such as Unix always existed). Just because apple dropped their price in a shorter timeframe than normal does not make that a crime. Everyone knows i had been preaching that the iphone is overpriced and overrated when it came out. She should have read my post, would have saved herself a lot of headaches.
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    What I think is really great, is the part where she says Apple did not need to lower the price on the iPhone because the share price of their stock was going up. It's beyond a joke, it's outright stupid.

    I'm sure Apple sets the prices on all their products based on recent share price action.

    Just like all the other companies out there making products.

    I wonder how a company that is private and doesn't have a share price trading in the public.... I wonder how they know what prices to use for THEIR products?

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    Originally Posted by DeaPeaJay View Post

    Coffee is *supposed* to be too hot when you first get it. You shouldn't even be able to take a sip without burning your tongue for at least 3-5 minutes. It's part of the experience.

    Good point. Come to think of it, the next time my coffee comes not hot enough, I'm suing the starbucks for the emotional damage of caused by not having a coffee experience drinking coffee. Also, false advertising for saying they served me a hot coffee, but it's not a hot coffee unless it's hot enough.
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    Originally Posted by JakeTheRock View Post

    Any 8 year old aspiring to be a lawyer would know that this simply will not work. But the lawyer is taking the case anyway!

    Idiots, both of them

    The lawyers get paid by the hour, not by the win.
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    Originally Posted by DalÃ* Debaser View Post

    We should sue her for wasting our time.

    I WISH all those of us disgusted with the overburdening of the court system by frivolous lawsuits brought by people with an entitlement mentality could counter-sue. When these idiots have to start PAYING for being stupid, they might stop (I'd say think twice, but isn't the whole problem that they didn't think once?).

    Lawyers will often take (or create) a case like this, promising as little as 30% of the award (laws have come about to impact this now too...*sigh* to try and make it "fair" to the idiots since previously it was as low as 5/95) to the plaintiff, with NO out of pocket from the plaintiff...and if the lawyer loses, it costs him/her a pittance since all s/he has to do is win one of these BS cases to support doing it again a thousand times.

    PENALTIES for stupidity.....or at least, pay for wasting MY time (okay, it's not really wasted time as much as it is simply being irritated ;p), the court's time and directly impacting the cost of the goods and services I buy since companies have to pay $$ just to DEFEND themselves from this or lose, it costs them, it then costs we are being "burdened" by the frivolous lawsuits, entitlement mentality running rampant through our society and money grubbing lawyers who should find a CAUSE to fight for or get a real job, and we should have financial recourse to stop this.

    Just my $0.02
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    Originally Posted by Hauer View Post

    To me over here it is really funny seeing (some? lots?) of Americans whine about the sides of a free market they do not like and (some? lots?) critizing European "socialism" (haha).

    BTW I do think Apple handled this price cut clumsily. But in a fair way.


    I do neither of the above and agree whole heartedly with your comments. It seems like more and more each day I am reminded how fast America and it's increasingly pathetic population is degenerating into the fictional country on the movie 'Idiocracy'. Seen in a plethora of areas, from the lack of basic scientific and mathematical understanding to ignorance of current geopolitical issues and world geography to a shameless sense of global supremacy and the nationalism that goes with it. I mean can you really take a country seriously when more than one of the main candidates running for the presidency publicly acknowledges that they don't believe in evolution and think the earth was created 5,000 years ago in a divine act?!?

    -- Concerned American
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    It was just a matter of "WHEN" the price cut was coming. What would this person tolerate? Price cut in november right before the holiday season? Just a couple of months more? No, then she wouldn't have filed this suit.. it would be in line with X-mas frenzy. Apple could do this earlier becaused the iPhone turned out to be that crazy hit that they were aiming for. If everyone was as honest and clear about what was going on as jamesfabin up there in post 4 everything would be so much easier.
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    Originally Posted by winterspan View Post

    I mean can you really take a country seriously when more than one of the main candidates running for the presidency publicly acknowledges that they don't believe in evolution and think the earth was created 5,000 years ago in a divine act?!?

    You honestly think America is coming to pieces (and it is, folks) simply because a candidate for public office believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible??? Since when did American candidates for President stop claiming Christian beliefs of some sort? What's new here? Even so, how does a politician's belief that the earth is 5k, 6k or 10k years old raise my taxes, increase defense spending or destroy foreign policy? Just because Bush claims to hold such religions beliefs and just because he hasn't been the best President in the world, doesn't in any way say that the source of such stupidity in leadership stems from one refusing to believe that the earth is billions of years old.

    If there is any reason why Americans are becoming more selfish and more stupid, it's because they have tried so hard to prove the non-existence of a higher power while transforming themselves into the incompetent gods of their own lives. Indeed, America is little different than Israel during the time of the OT judges, where "ever man did that which was right in his own eyes." Americans cry "freedom" left and right while being in bondage to every unrighteous deed imaginable. And yes, I myself don't not subscribe to the notion that "suing" is in any way a "righteous deed." Clearly, this woman suing Apple surely thinks she is doing herself and others "right" by this lawsuit, even though her action is a fundamental part of the very cancer that currently eats away at our society.

    The cancer in America is not God or the age of the Earth. The cancer is American depravity.
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    Originally Posted by JakeTheRock View Post

    People keep talking about how stupid the woman is, well how about the lawyer? Any 8 year old aspiring to be a lawyer would know that this simply will not work. But the lawyer is taking the case anyway!

    Idiots, both of them

    The lawyer is taking the case to court because of the money. And 'prestige'. My goodness this lady is stupid and self-centered, not realizing that it's really her fault. The conditions of purchase were laid out months before the phone was even released- to buy an iPhone and have it work you had to sign up for AT&T for 2 years. So she has no legal argument there.

    And if they don't have the 8GB iPhone, than you wait. OK so she waited for hours- that doesnt mean she's entitled to a 8GB right away. I want a 3G iPhone. If she wins this, I could theoretically go out, buy a 8GB iPhone, and sue Apple 1 Million for not having 3G already incorporated into my iPhone.

    And using the stock charts as a reason why the price drop shouldnt have happened? WHAT? That would work if Apple's core business was the iPhone, but stocks arent always directly tied to product sales anyway, and Apple's MAC business (iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro) is doing super well, hence the stronger share price.

    I hope this lawsuit just dies. It makes my head hurt at how stupid this lady is. Heck, if she had at least a decent argument like the McD's coffee lady I'd be OK. I just thought her getting millions for hot coffee was idiotic.
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    Originally Posted by JDW View Post

    The cancer is American depravity.

    The cancer is American stupidity.
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    I hope she needs to cover all legal fees herself. Some people are pathetic and will sue over anything. And she complains about a $175 termination fee? 99.9% of cell phone providers have that fee in place (Sprint, ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile). If they didn't, I could sign up for a cell plan, get the sweet phone they always offer for free to new customers, cancel, and move to the next phone company.

    And about the hot coffee thing on page 1, even that was a pathetic suit. It is coffee, it comes hot. There needs to be a stupidity act in place that says if anyone tries to sue over something deemed pathetic in my eyes, they need to pay me the amount they were suing for. That would solve the problem with the sue happy citizens we have now.
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    There's a little more to that story than most people realize. That women ended up with second- and third-degree burns over her genitalia, perineum, and inner thighs. It required months of surgeries, rehabilitation, and other treatments. No coffee should be that hot. It's not consumable when it's that hot. There was evidence shown that McDonald's knew the coffee was a risk because of its temperature, yet it ignored it.

    Don't get me wrong... I'm not a fan of lawsuits. I think we are a lawsuit crazed nation that seems to sue on a whim. However, this case actually had more merit than most people recognize.
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    When Apple first made the price cut, for about a week I had friends constantly question me how that made me feel. My reply: "This is not a toy for the poor. If you're that tight for cash, you shouldn't have bought one to begin with."

    I've always been a gadget freak, and purchasing things on launch day almost always means you won't get a good deal. No rebates, higher prices, etc. It's a price I pay for wanting current technology, but it's a conscious decision I make.
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