Apple bumps MacBooks to Santa Rosa; offers 2.6GHz MacBook Pro



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    And I am replacing those parts with other working parts so that I still have an Apple Computer in a Cube work-of-art case. What's the problem in that?

    There is a decreasing number of functional Cubes over time. Instead of picking one or just the case you converted another functional Cube into a non-functioning one.


    In some ways, the ingenuity going into my new Cube will put it at a level that no cube has ever seen before. I will literally have the fastest Cube on the planet. How is that something to be ashamed of?

    Except others have done so already so "fastest Cube" isn't likely to be fastest Cube.


    I see it as the difference between a Salisbury Steak mass-produced by a food service versus one that is home-cooked with love. Which do you think will taste better? Likewise, I've taken just an old Cube, added love, and turned it into a new masterpiece.


    No, what you've done is taken an out of production classic Mac that still worked and turned into a Frankenmac. This is kinda like ripping out the engine for an working classic car and sticking in a new GM engine and calling it "better".

    It's admirable when its a non-working car/computer. It's at best neutral for an already working one. It really is bizzare for someone to profess admiration for a Mac Cube as a work of "art" and then break one up for parts when you could have bought the parts you needed rather than cannibalize a working model and then boast about it.

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    Originally Posted by melgross View Post

    Maybe we can have a rapprochement?

    Sure thing. Did we ever have approachment? But I digress...hatchet buried.
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