New MacBook Pro part numbers surface in inventory systems



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    I'm the somewhat happy owner of new (now old) 17" MacBook Pro. The new model was announced just three days after I bought it on Saturday the 23rd. I waited a couple of months for Macworld, and followed the play by play blog on AppleInsider. When there was no upgrade for the Macbook Pro line announced, I felt secure that it was a good time to buy.

    My mistake was buying it from a Registered Mac Reseller. As such, they don't offer a satisfaction guarantee, like the Apple Store's 14 day guarantee. I spoke with a salesperson at Apple, and they have informed me that they have no manufacturers guarantee to cover end user satisfaction.

    I'm going to call the store I purchased it from "Computer Systems Centre" (Toronto), today to see if they will allow an exchange/upgrade. If they don't do anything for me, my Mac Pro will be purchased from the Apple Store instead.

    I'm hoping I can resolve this issue with Apple, as I feel it is their duty to protect the retailer and end user that gets saddled with obsolete machines. I'm very surprised that Apple Corporate severs itself from the select few retailers it approves to sell their products. The insult added to the injury, is the new model costs $200.00 less than the outgoing one I just purchased.
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    I spent a few hours today talking to the reseller I purchased my MacBook Pro from, as well as the Apple online store, Apple customer relations, and several low end employees in the Apple organization. The bottom line is, I'm stuck with the product I bought, and the price I paid for it.

    The older model I have can now be purchased for $600.00 less than what I paid four days ago. The new version is $200.00 less than what I paid. It has been a frustrating lesson and I will never buy anything from "Computer Systems Centre" (275 College Street Toronto).

    After telling and retelling my story up the Apple chain of command, I finally got to the guy where the buck stops, "Jeff". When the automated phone system advised me that it was a 15 minute wait, I knew this was my final showdown. Jeff informed me that my only recourse is with the reseller, and Apple offers no satisfaction guarantee, price guarantee, or assistance in resolving any issues, if you don't buy the product directly from Apple.

    Jeff from Apple customer relations' final advice to me was to try to sell it as a new and current MacBook Pro on Ebay. I advised him that I wouldn't misrepresent the product, and that I wasn't looking for another sucker to dump my problem on.

    I wasn't optimistic of a resolution, but I thought someone, somewhere would give me something for my trouble, even if it was just to make me go away.
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