Mac OS X 10.6 - What will they call it? And what will it have?



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    I guess it makes sense to allow a setting which automatically puts connected drives into the dock... But I would make it an option as opposed to forcing people to use it.

    Some people don't like the Dock and hide it... Some even remove it altogether! I wish it didn't take up so much bloody room, plus wastes space completely either side of it. Who thought it would be a good idea to create a device that took up valuable screen height, considering everyone's monitors are widescreen these days (what is that all about anyway? Why are we so obsessed with everything being widescreen?)
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    Originally Posted by ActionJaxon View Post

    Is it too early to be thinking about OS 10.6? I say no. But before we embark on trying to guess what the 'friendly' name for the next OS X release will be, let's look at what we've had previously...

    Yes, sir! It is WAY too early. C'mon, man, give me some time to enjoy my recently-bought used Mac with Leopard installed on it. How about a couple of years? What more do you need on this OS? I want something that's going to be supported for a while longer while I toil for 2 years to save up the money for the next Mac.

    By the way, I just got on this board, so hi everyone! I have a quicksilver 8705LL/A with a GigaDesigns 1.87 G4 upgrade, and it's running Leopard. This was the last machine supported by Tiger. Leopard does not support it, but with the processor upgrade, I was able to install it. However, it has choppy video and audio playback in DVD Player when I play DVD's with subtitles on. I have to reboot to Tiger to get that to work properly. It's just not fast enough for subtitles, but enough for captioned videos.

    I'm not sure what I'm going to get next, but it will be a then-current Mac when I get it!

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    Well, there is one thing you can do?if you usually only have the same external volumes on your computer, you can drag them into the dock manually to the right of the dotted lines (in other words, by the trash can). Then go to the Finder, and go to Finder>Preferences, and tell it not to show the external drives. It will still show the CDs you insert on the desktop, and if you need to go other external drives, just open a finder window where they'll be in the pane on the left.
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    Tighter integration between the Macs (desktop, notebooks, workstation, and server) and the mobiles (iPhone, iPod touch). This will enable us to save files to the mobiles and use any Mac that has an application that can open them. If it isn't possible already, we will also be able to use .mac with the mobiles.
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