New iMacs in retail system; 3G iPhone redesign rumor; 3G's "D-Day"



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    Originally Posted by gloss View Post

    Don't see why not. Mac Pros handled up to 32GB of RAM on the same processor. 64 bit processor + 64 bit OS = oodles of memory addressing.

    The limitation now is the chipset, not the processor. The memory controller is the limit, and that's not on the processor yet. Even if it was, I imagine that Intel would still limit the capability for consumer processors to help push the workstation processors.
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    Those are 2x Xeons designed for workstation and servers, not Mobile chips. Remeber when the there were 64bit Meroms that could only address 3GB of RAM, not the whole 4GB.

    Which thread?

    Probably this one:
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