New iPhone app streams iTunes collections anywhere



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    Originally Posted by Funderling View Post

    I'm having the same issue as Dupreeblu, with not all tracks showing up - but issue doesn't seem to be ITS purchased tracks, as I'm seeing some of those in the list that appears... also, the list on the iTunes app itself shows all tracks as available, but the list on my iPhone only shows about half. I sent an email to tech support, we'll see what they say.

    Had the same problem as well. Fixed it by just waiting. I think they are having massive server problems caused by the popularity of their app.
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    Originally Posted by jowie74 View Post

    this doesn't really make any sense, sorry! Could you elaborate? Where do you work? Why did a customer send you a mini so that he can access his music?

    Check his Signature, I thought exactly the same thing. Absolute quality idea they have there, well in.
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    Originally Posted by lozz View Post

    Check his Signature, I thought exactly the same thing. Absolute quality idea they have there, well in.

    Oh yeah - macminicolo - I've seen the website before. Should've known!
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    if you want to download a program like this for free anytime you need look no further than Orb. I remember using orb more than 2 or 3 years ago being able to stream not only music but video and pictures as well. Actually i could pull up any files on my computer i wanted. There is an install you must do on your computer as well. And orb works through the internet so just make a bookmark on your phone to access it like a regular app. The layout has also recently been changed SPECIFICALLY for iphone users.

    I have used this application for years on other phones and have been greatly impressed with what it can handle. Just go to to get an account set up and start streaming your music without paying for an app. Plus i think you also get the satisfaction of knowing that the app is pretty mature and got most all the kinks worked out hopefully.
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