Apple gives another 60-day free extension for MobileMe



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    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    Listen up Woe-be-gone

    FYI, my username is based off A Prairie Home Companion's News from Lake Wobegon, a live, weekly, public radio show by Garrison Keillor.

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    1.) You obviously cannot take a joke.

    What joke?

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    2.) MObileme from what people who do have it and post on here is still f*&cked up. And I can bitch and moan that I cannot renew my .MAc account as I had one right before the change to mobileme. Apple hasn't transitioned this right at all and many, not just me, are pissed off.

    Others here have also posted that they aren't experiencing major problems. Obviously there are problems, which I and others have noted. But MobileMe at this point is hardly f'ed up. It's buggy and lacking a feature or two. Apple has privately and publicly admitted it was a botched launch and apologized as well as extended user's subscriptions to 90 days.

    Google experienced three major outages that apparently knocked out more than just web email access. Paid subscribers to their web storage and productivity services have gotten a single apology on their blog, with no compensation. Why don't you go rag on them? Or rag on Blackberry for its outages earlier this year? Or Microsoft for Xbox Live being shoddy for weeks in December?

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    3.) Having something that actually works as advertised is an "unrealistically high standards for fledgeling services"? You sound like Steve Balmer using an excuse for Vista @ Microsh*t.

    In many respects, MobileMe does work as advertised. Sorry, but it ain't "Apple's Vista," no matter how much you want it to be.
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Give you a break? Sure, take one.

    What part of my having email problems - admittedly within a broader service - are you having difficulty comprehending? Or, is my point invalid simply because my use of the service doesn't parallel yours?

    I'm not having trouble understanding anything. If you read my post and what of your comment I was responding to, you wouldn't be so enraged. If you read my earlier posts in the thread and on this forum, you'd see I've acknowledged MobileMe's rough launch, bugs and missing features, which I've personally dealt with in using the service.

    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Btw, please provide a link for where you saw that only 1% was affected. And, what does 'service restored' mean - that it works as it should, or it is restored? And, if it works as advertised, why Apple's mea cupla?

    Read (namely the first post at the bottom and Update #3)
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    I signed up for the free 60-day trial as soon as I was able to after MobileMe debuted. Then I got the first extension for all the initial troubles. A month later I got another extension because of a credit card glitch that was Apple's fault, bringing my total trial period to 90 days. With this newest extension, I am up to practically 5 months free service.

    The rate Apple is going, maybe soon they will be paying me to use the service?

    Not that I'm complaining, of course
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    I have to say this MM experience has been very unApple-like. Below are the problems I have had since signing up for the free trial.

    1) Calendar sync - I set up my account on my MBP and synced calendars to MM, no problem until...I then go to my work iMac and try to merge that calendar to the existing one...and erased the initial calendar in the process (yes I hit Merge Calender upon prompt). This erased all the iCal data on my iPhone as well. Luckily my MBP hadn't synced yet so I quickly overrode the MM calendar, data saved, but just...

    2) Contact sync - see above, except this time for Contact data

    3) Here's the worst IMO - somehow, as someone mentioned above, my iPhone and Mail ended up with TWO MM email accounts - one empty with no mail and the other full of mail I had transferred from another account (doing this for the push mail from MM). On closer inspection, the account with mail in it was tagged at, while the empty one was (?!). I never had .mac service by the way. Now here's where it gets weird. I go to my iPhone to disable the push services from the .mac account figuring it was useless and some kind of goof. Disabled mail, calender, contact, etc. I then go to mail, ok emails are still there. I then go to calendar, empty!, contacts empty! Apparently my iPhone was syncing mail through the account and the calendar and contact info through the! I had to erase both accounts on both computers and start all over.

    4) I enabled time zone support for Chicago on MM (already had it for my iCals). I then sent an email, a real email to a colleague, that was labelled as having been sent at 6AM (it was 8AM CST). I went back to my MM account, time zone support said Chicago, I shut off and turned back on time zone support, selected Chicago again. Send a test email - again 2 hours earlier than reality. After performing the above mentioned resetting of my account, things worked fine, but still that was weird.

    All in all it took me about 2 days to get everything straightened out - unacceptable. Right now everything works okay with the major exception that push services are not occurring consistently. I tried these out (mail, calendar, contacts) after getting everything in order, and they all seemed to be working as advertised, data moving from computers to cloud to iPhone and vice versa. Now I am noticing my email is not always getting pushed to my iPhone. Right now I just added a new iCal event to my MBP and did the manual sync to move the data to cloud to iPhone. I'm looking at my iPhone cal and the event is not there. I manually synced the MBP again...still not there.

    This is very frustrating and I'm kind of just venting, but these failures are hard to comprehend. I already get push email from my ATT Yahoo! account, the only reason I tried MM was to be able to sync calendar and contact info between 2 Macs and an iPhone, which I was doing manually before and was a major pain. Without reliable syncing for calendar and contacts, I don't want to give Apple my $99. Back to my Mac and iDisk are nice but not a necessity for me. Well, now I have another 60 days on top of the existing trial period (54 days) to see if they can get this to work. If not, I won't be signing up.
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    Originally Posted by Brendon View Post

    Agreed, the .Mac mail no longer works when I want to check it from work using a PC that I cannot load a different browser onto. Most of corp America are not allowed to load other browsers onto their PCs and if I want to check my mail I must now wait to get home. What is irritating is that this was changed and it is a service that I am paying for. They should have had a time when the old and new services would both work so people like me with .mac accounts could still use their e-mail.

    I'm sure your employer would love for you to have the ability to read your personal e-mail on company time. Just ask them to relax the browser rules. I'm sure they'll be happy to do it.

    Aside from the snarky comment above, I have to say that it is working pretty well for me. Never lost access through the conversion. When push to the desktop comes, I'll consider it a success. I must be one of the 99%. I consider the 90 day extension quite a good customer service move from Apple. You'd never see such a thing from many companies.
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