Apple: iPhone 2.0.2 update targets 3G issues



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    To a lot of people complaining about dropped signals, are you driving or on a train when this happens? The fact is 3G is a far more finicky network than 2G and typically covers shorter ranges with greater susceptibility to blocking and interference. I have seen a 3G network going from full strength to absent in as little as 1 km.

    Driving or on a train? I'm sitting in my house, right now, in coastal LA, with 3G everywhere. I am also looking at my new 3G iPhone on my desk, and it is displaying an EDGE icon, as it does 80+% of the time.
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    Most of the comments here have to do with 3G service. What about straight phone service? I waited until yesterday to install 2.02. Now I am sorry I did. Before the "upgrade" Our house in Santa Fe, NM is on the edge of cell coverage for both Verizon and ATT. With 2.01 my iPhone reception at the house was very close to the reception on a Verizon phone. Now, it is completely gone! From two to three bars to none!

    Previously, I could get reception on PCH in Malibu even though the phone said it had service but no bars. Based on my experience in NM, I will bet that the phone will be dead on PCH as well.

    It looks as if Apple tried to address complaints of dropped calls by setting much higher bar on signal strength. This is clearly a mixed blessing.
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