Analyst braces clients of "underwhelming" Apple event



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    There is no evidence that the MBA is a failure and plenty that it's holding its own quite nicely. Amazon lists the bestsellers and the MBA has consistently beat out most of their notebooks and even a few of the Macs they sell, like the Mac Pro. Right now the Mac is lower on that list than usual because of the release of the new Intel chipsets. Also, there are now 3 other OEMS making "MBA-clones" which tells me that if this market is attracting healthy competition, then it's a worthy market, even if ones particular needs don't coincide with the MBA's demographic.

    Note: Amazon stats can't be used to establish a baseline outside of Amazon as there are more popular ways to buy a Mac, but this does show at least one place where the MBA is popular.

    It could be just because it's new.
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    Originally Posted by bikerdude View Post

    Hey merd, if you can do beeter, then go ahead and do better.

    So many people who think they know all, but not prepared to put up.

    Pack of wingers

    I already have, which you'd know if you read my comments. You seem to think you know something about me but you're pretty ignorant.

    How many times are you going to rewrite your comment?
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    Originally Posted by merdhead View Post

    If you're going to write things in a public forum, you're going to get criticised. That's called an open exchange of ideas. Maybe in Soviet Russia things were different. You just want to silence the criticism. If you read the comments you'd see that lots of people have a much better idea and almost anyone could do a better job.

    Instead of telling people to STFU, why don't you introduce some point to support his work other than "he spent an enormous amount of time" on it? You can't? Then you're just supporting our point about his incompetence.

    And of course the point of your post is that your opinion is more important than our opinion. Your self defeating logic and name calling is pretty impressive. I'm surprised you can read and write.

    Be surprised as much as you like.

    I read these forums every day and am completely sick of the attacks on people that write articles for us to read.

    I have no problem with people disagreeing with articles, opinions or whatever, it is the constant attacks on integrity that get me going.

    Becuse you do not agree does not mean it needs personal attack.

    I retract and apologize for my name calling, and for any offence, it is early morning here and this was the first thing i read, an article from an analyst and it is disparagingly compared to an article from someone completely different.

    I do not want to silence the criticism, i want the attacks to stop, argument is one thing, bitching and moaning is another, seems petulant to me.

    An you are so correct in your observation that I cannot read or right.

    And that you said that hurst so deep, my life may well be over.
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    Apparently every apple event has to be big as an new product like iphone or its underwhelming. god knows what these people write about dell's events
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    cameronjcameronj Posts: 2,357member
    Originally Posted by merdhead View Post

    Don't bet on it. Looks like this xmas will not be good, since everyone in the US is broke, homeless, losing their jobs, unable to fill their tank and having what money they do have eroded by global inflation.

    Other than that Q4 looks good.

    Wait, I thought just 6% of the US was unemployed. Must have read that wrong. What's the unemployment rate in France?
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,528member
    Originally Posted by flydoggie View Post

    Shawn Wu is the most inept moron on the face of the Earth.\\





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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu put out a call to clients on Friday, saying they should be prepared for a slight letdown at Apple's event next Tuesday unless chief executive Steve Jobs pulls a rabbit from his black turtleneck.

    "While there is always room for surprise, it seems this event may be somewhat underwhelming versus previous expectations and events," he wrote. "Over the past several days, Apple shares have pulled back as expectations have likely come down."

    More specifically, Wu said his check into the company's supply chain have turned up no evidence to suggest a major hardware revelation will take place at the event, which "may be viewed as disappointing" given that some investors previously had high hopes for major Mac-related announcements.

    Instead, he sees a "modestly redesigned 4th generation iPod nano and slimmer 2nd generation iPod touch with lower price points and higher storage capacities," but isn't expecting radical changes to the iPod portfolio given the great success and extensive refinement the media players have already undergone.

    The analyst maintains that the company's MacBook Pro and MacBook are due for refreshes with more radical redesigns, but aren't likely to be unveiled at Tuesday's event as the focus appears to be on its non-Mac businesses.

    "In addition, we are picking up that MacBook Air could see a minor refresh and potential price cut to increase its value proposition as build plans have slowed from earlier robust levels as customers have opted for MacBook or MacBook Pro instead," he wrote.

    Some potential "wild card" announcements that could boost sentiment surrounding the event could include "an advanced AppleTV with DVR and TV tuner capabilities" or "new touch form factors (iPod-Mac hybrid) with larger screens," he added.

    The AmTech analyst maintained his Buy rating and $220 price target on shares of the Cupertino-based electronics maker, vouching his belief that the company remains the best play in the digital home market and that penetration levels of its Mac and iPhone business segments remain opportunistically low.

    "The disturbance in the macroeconomic environment is within lower-income demographics and financial institutions with exposure and impact to overall liquidity," he wrote. "This could certainly spread, but we believe Apple's business will remain strong in the near- to medium-term. Enough high-end consumers are still buying tech, though commodities inflation could pressure future margins."

    AmTech Shaw Wu made a very bad announcement assumption last time, so do not trust what he said anymore about Apple in anything.
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    ANALYST: A person who, instead of innovating, accomplishing, manufacturing, owning/running a business, creating, or actually accomplishing anything of value earns a living by dissecting incomplete information of questionable source and value in an effort to sway public opinion in one direction or another. A word used to describe a critic who prefers not to be called a critic.

    There will never be a book written in praise of the accomplishments of a critic or analyst. We only write books about and remember people who accomplish something.

    Originally Posted by sapporobaby View Post

    Does anyone listen to Shaw Wu? He is about as bad as Prince McClean.

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    Originally Posted by Enigmafan420 View Post

    I goggled him-is it that extreme wrestler type?

    Oh, don't do that. He looks terrible in goggles!
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    @Merdhead and Soporrobaby


    Then you're just supporting our point about his incompetence.

    I guess the point several of us are making is you guys are pretty incompetent yourselves and we have the evidence! - Your comments in this thread and elsewhere.

    As far as goes, anyone wishing to amble on over there will appreciate the site (and your incompetence) pretty much.
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    Originally Posted by pk22901 View Post

    @Merdhead and Soporrobaby

    I guess the point several of us are making is you guys are pretty incompetent yourselves and we have the evidence! - Your comments in this thread and elsewhere.

    As far as goes, anyone wishing to amble on over there will appreciate the site (and your incompetence) pretty much.

    Oh no. You have evidence. Now what will I do? Your opinion is so highly respected. I better do what you say. Don't like my comments, don't read them. If you are so happy with roughlydrafted then enjoy it and wash it down with a large glass of kool aid.

    By the way, if you are going to criticize, at least spell it correctly.
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    The economy may slow down a few % and employment may go up a few %, but Apple has extend its addressable iPhone market by several fold when it went from just the US to world wide. The major market left is China and that is coming down the pike. The general market may get killed and drag Apple shares down, but the business itself should be ok. Their trailing PE is only 30.

    The iPhone market has matured and has evolved into the iPhone. In addition to the carrier deals, the company should have an unlocked iPhone with GSM/EDGE/WiFi, directional capable GPS. Price at $400 for 8G and $500 for 16 GB. May be offer a 32 MB version. Sell them in the mass market channel world wide... buy you own SIM card.

    I think that WCDMA/3G is needs to be perfected. It uses too much power and since voice and data are in the same channels, too much data use overloads the network. Verizon CDMA uses a separate EVDO channel for data.

    Meanwhile, the consumer does not have to be tied up with networks like ATT. Can use the device for music, video, photos, WiFi surfing, etc. Just look at the values of the old unlocked iPhones... more than their original value.

    Apple needs a CDMA version too... VZ and Sprint are big markets.
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    Those who can't do....and those who can't teach.......Analyze.
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    Originally Posted by nace33 View Post

    I would have to disagree with your assessment that OTA is "near-defunct". The best HD, outside of blu-ray comes OTA.

    Well, the best HD clarity, perhaps. But when I think of quality, I also consider content, and network TV is not my idea of quality content.

    Originally Posted by nace33 View Post

    Basically, I get all the major stations for free, in beautiful HD.

    ABC, CBS, NBC? All the crap I never watch, and the reason I'm paying through the ass for overpriced cable so I can get at least some decent programming.

    Originally Posted by nace33 View Post

    If there are shows I want to watch that I can't get OTA, then I buy them a'la carte from iTunes or watch them on Hulu. So instead of paying any type of subscription fee for cable I am making out like a bandit with OTA HD and iTunes as a supplement.

    OK, maybe I'm missing something. Does OTA include Comedy Central (Daily Show, Colbert Report), Cartoon Network (uncensored Family Guy), MTVHD & MojoHD (real music concerts in HD), Sundance & IFC (great independent flicks), Discovery HD, etc.? Because if it does, that would be awesome. But if it doesn't that sounds like a big monthly expense and inconvenience in downloading a la carte programming that I want to watch, assuming they're all available and in a timely manner. And assuming there's a convenient way to access all this stuff on my flat screen TV using the awesome Tivo interface I've grown addicted to. (No, all PVRs are not equal.)

    Then there's HBO and Showtime. Granted, they play a lot of crap, and repeat a lot of crap as well. But I like to get my regular fix of good shows like Penn & Teller: Bullshit, Real Time with Bill Maher, Entourage, Weeds, etc. And on top of that, I do like to watch some occasional big screen movie releases.

    Also, as pathetic as the mainstream media has become, I do like to have occasional access to CNN, MSNBC, and CSPAN, especially when there's some major event going on.

    Originally Posted by nace33 View Post

    The only subscription I am paying for is the $37.05 per month for my internet connection.

    Well in my neck of the woods, Comcast charges $42.95 a month for internet (plus fees & taxes) and that's only if you subscribe to their TV service. Otherwise it's an additional $17/month for $59.95. Unfortuneately, FiOS isn't available in my area, and you couldn't pay me to switch my internet back to AT&T/BellSouth.

    I may be missing something, but it seems to me that following your advice would require a lot of new installation and setup hassles, a dependence on a finicky and weather-sensitive antenna, and considerable hassle and expense to find, purchase, download, manage, & play all the programming I currently watch.

    I like saving money, but not when it means drastically lowering my standards of quality, selection, and convenience.
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    I personally feel that analysts should be held accountable for their calls. All too often, an analyst will write something, cause a stock to tank and then flip flop and go, "Oops I was wrong", a few days later when they are proved wrong. Some won't even admit they were wrong.

    There should be a governing body that charts an analyst's prediction. How many rights and how many wrongs etc because there are way too many analysts out there that just want to see their name published and will do anything to achieve that. Shawn Wu and Gene Munster in my opinion are on that list.
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