Microsoft's Windows 7 to bring Apple-tinged design changes



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    I'll start by saying that Mac OS X Leopard has several shortcomings, especially in the Finder. But unlike Vista, Mac OS leaves you alone. Here is what bothers me about Vista:

    - The UI looks like it was designed by amateurs, employing every Photoshop filter.

    Quite, honestly, the UI visually doesn't bother me too much. There is much more to a UI than the visuals that determine whether it is effective or not. There are some criticisms I have about the UI, but the visual elements aren't one of them.


    - The constant reminders of new hardware that is already installed.

    The only one that really bugs me is when Windows tells me that I have plugged in a Human Interface Device. If my keyboard/mouse/etc. works I should notice fairly quickly. MacOS generally speaking will automount volumes, but only on the desktop so if I obscure the desktop I don't realize that the volume has been mounted yet. This is one of these settings where there is no default that I think will satisfy all parties and I doubt you will easily convince one side that their preference is wrong.


    - The constant clicking sounds when using IE.

    Even when I used IE on a day to day basis, I never understood this criticism. During the dialup days it was rather useful to know whether you connected to a server or not. Even under a broadband connection it is useful to have a navigation end sound, which unfortunately the newer versions don't have by default anymore. Knowing whether you have received a response from a server is more useful than knowing you have made a request for a server.

    The lack of navigation sounds took some getting used to when I moved to Mozilla, but not using IE anymore really had nothing to do with the navigation sounds. There are plenty of reasons to use a different browser that had nothing to do with the navigation sounds. Disabling the sounds is pretty easy(no editing registry, INI files, etc.) just go to sounds in the control panel.


    - The constant security messages and auto blocking of everyday websites.

    Again this is an issue with most recent versions of IE in general. You can be using IE7 on XP and deal with a lot of the same security messages. Somehow, people seem to forget this fact. Merely because you use Windows doesn't mean that one must use IE. There are plenty of Windows users who use a different browser. Mozilla is the most popular, but there are quite a few users of Opera and increasingly Chrome.


    - The constant harassment by NAV to update this, check that, and are you sure you want to do this.

    - The constant reminders by NAV to renew your membership and pay. Two options, update now, or remind me later. Oh... not an easy app to uninstall or deactivate.

    Even a lot of Windows acolytes hate NAV so I don't see this as relevant at all. There are plenty of less annoying AV programs that use less system resources and are easier to install and uninstall.


    - The constant warnings when downloading, launching arrrrgh!

    IE was the first browser to get annoying about this, but even Mozilla will bother me if I try to run an executable file. Furthermore, OS 10.5 tags stuff in the FS that has been downloaded just like Vista. Either you never download files, have never used 10.5 or you have a selective memory that only remembers when M$ OSs do annoying things.

    MacOSXhints even has an article related to removing the tagging that the OS does that warns the user about the dangers of running download apps:


    - Once Spyware sneaks into your computer, you get bombarded with warnings from all those AntiVirus scammers trying to convince you that buying their software is going to delete over 100 viruses from your computer.

    Spyware is a real issue with Windows, but a lot of the other "issues" you list aren't specific to Vista or like you hate for NAV have nothing to do with Vista at all.


    Yeah Vista wants to blame any security flaw onto the user. I can't stand that, I just want to get my work done.

    No, not every piece of malware is installed by the user. There certainly have been some IE issues where malicious ActiveX was able to install itself without the users knowledge in many cases the end user welcomed the application by explicitly approving the installation. Had they merely said no and googled the name of the application they would have discovered that it was spyware. Long before Vista when I used IE regularly I always did this and unlike most people I didn't get hit with spyware left and right. While there is no question Windows machines can get spyware without the user doing something stupid, I think critics of Windows underestimate the stupidity of users and overestimate the guile of people spreading spyware. A lot of spyware like Gator never needed to use security flaws in IE to get idiots to install it. They merely got millions of idiots to click yes.
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    Some of theses posts are too technical, so let me try to describe Windows 7 in a more understandable way...

    Windows 7 is a tool, not a toy.

    Windows 7 doesn't need to be pretty, it's so advanced it does super intelligent computations in the background, which means it does this without you even noticing it's happening. You don't have to be a genius to use your PC, it's constantly improving your data and making the hard decisions for you. 64 is more than 32 so it's bigger, better and faster, like a huge brain that has a higher IQ. Oh, and don't forget it does games better than any other system!

    Windows 7 has control of your PC.

    In the workplace, companies like to have the ability control their computers, they don't want their employee's to be doing unproductive or potentially damaging things to the business's network. So there needs to be a master controller that has access from outside your computer.

    Windows 7 protects you from harm.

    Hackers can take advantage of this kind of access, and take over your PC and make Viruses. So that's where Windows 7 comes in, it approves good outside influences and blocks the bad ones automatically, giving you peace of mind.

    Windows 7 is more compatible than before

    Most people bought Vista and had to buy all new printers, video cards and all that other computer stuff. So Windows 7 will work flawlessly with all that new gear and if it can't, Windows 7 will write and install it's own drivers.

    Windows 7 is your friend.

    What good is a computer that's 1,000,000 times smarter than you and it can't help you with life changing desidions? Windows 7 is your Psychiatrist, Doctor, Financial Adviser, Lawyer and Friend. It will help you with your bills, discipline your children and get you out of jail. You can blog anonymously with Perverted-Justice investigators or scam Somalians right from the privacy of your workplace.

    You in Windows 7 future.

    I'm an authority on Windows 7 and I'm happy to clear up some misconceptions about it, even though I've never really used Windows 7 and won't be using it until it's released in a few years, I know in my heart, these wishes will come true. I have hope, because Microsoft says so.
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