Apple finally taking orders for new in-ear headphones



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    Originally Posted by Shogun View Post

    You are a pain to read. You offer little of value. You have complained on this thread more than any other three people combined.

    It's not cool.




    Play nice or go away...

    And what is it that you offer? I've been on thread discussing the headphones ( do they work with the shuffle? why the delay? , etc ,etc.) not whining about the lack of support for the iPhone -that is all.

    Again -what have you offered????

    Offer something or don't post.
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    Mommy, Daddy, stop it. I'm so scared when you yell. Don't get divorced. I'll be good, I promise...
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    What bugs me is the fact that I cannot use in ear headphones and head sets that are decent quality for listening are $200-300.00. What ever happened to decent external headsets that are cheaper that would actually work on the iPod?

    I have a tube in my left eardrum and cannot have anything that totally blocks airflow into the ear channel, So I put one ear bud in but the other has to remain outside the ear. this is a total waste for me and it seems that Apple could, or would make something that would work outside the ear.

    This problem is also the same for children that tubes in their ears. There should be nothing that blocks the ear channel until the tubes came out. My problem is the fact that the tube in my left ear tube is permanent so I am stuck using my home stereo or Car stereo.
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    Originally Posted by nowhereman View Post

    Engadget has a preview of them

    I figured they'd sound good for $79. I'm not going to get an iPhone until the next refresh and likely that model will have full support.

    I love in-ear headphones. I'll likely never spend a lot of money on over the ears.
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    FYI most non-apple devices use "mic" and "ground" swapped order.
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