Report: Steve Jobs cuts back on instant messaging



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    Meh, there's been worse. Forgive all that have come and all that will come to pass and you shall find peace.

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    That Jobs and his extended personality, Apple, are RENOWN for their history of DECEIT, lack of INTEGRITY and MANIPULATION of the TRUTH purely for their own ends........

    ....(eg like the truth after all his statements to the contrary that emerged - he ACTUALLY risked months of potential cancer growth by arrogantly/ignorantly delaying the best chance scientific/medical option of surgery pursuing instead some 'credible evidence free' alternative hocus pocus medicine diet nonsense - likely now such STUPIDITY resulting in his current premature death bed)........

    ........has resulted in all this gigantic unstoppable media wave of ENDLESS FEVERENT UBIQUITOUS mistrust and speculation and so is THOROUGHLY DESERVED for such constant insidious behaviour...Apple + Jobs are like the boy that cried wolf .......THOU SHALT REAP WHAT THOU SOWS......Does the thought of NO Jobs make the HYSTERICAL(we are after all on a technology site) BABOONS, on this thread, own lives so unbearable to imagine...perhaps U could pick a fanatical cult with more integrity () to be part of next time...or better yet DON'T become part of one at all....just remember how this all started so easily with Apple's PR/brainwashing.....WHAT!? U don't remember that

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    For what it's worth, I don't believe that Steve Jobs will ever return to work at Apple. If I am correct, the only reason that Steve Jobs didn't quit outright was that he wanted his stock options to accrue and vest so that he could cash them.

    It would be a sad ending for a man who deserved better.

    The signs are too numerous to ignore. Sadly.

    If Steve Jobs was cured tomorrow and he stopped working tomorrow just to chill out and spend time with family, he would (does) have all the money he needs. Waiting for some stock options, however many millions, he and his family already have more than enough for the rest of their lives.

    *Unless* based on his personal health struggle he starts up a new company involving Biotech creating artificial organs and so on. Steve Jobs Phase 2. First, the iMac. It took, what 25 years to reach what one might consider its true maturity? Next, the iHuman. Maybe 15 years time... Coming by 2025. Somehow Woz will not really be involved in the iHuman project but will claim credit for it somehow and go on TV and stuff.
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    Originally Posted by hiimamac View Post

    Maybe, maybe not.

    The biggest difference between Apple and other Fortune companies is that the marketing department is spearheaded by Jobs. Everything. He IS a CONTROL FREAK!

    When Job's steps down, watch for a more laid back and general consumer devices. Presently, the Mac towers do not sell, and Apple's marketing is structure in a way that for a few hundered dollars, you can get that one more thing, until suddenly, you've gone from needing a macbook to needing a Macbook Pro.

    Example. You're an art student and need a laptop. You are told Photoshop will work fine on the Macbook. Then you say you might do some DVD's, so you for sure need the DVD burner, now you go from bottom feeder to mid level macbook. Then you are told there is a student discount. Then you decide you need firewire or will do motion, you then compare the price of the entry level macbook pro compared to top of the line Macbook and realize it's not that much. Sure, it's quite a difference from what you thought you needed when you first walked into the store, but it's not that much from the high end Macbook to the low end Macbook Pro - this is their model and how they give you ALMOST everything you need, but with a catch, so if you must have a certain need to be filled, you can justify the price by comparing it, not the lowest ended model, but by comparing it to a model that is fairly close by comparison.

    What I am saying is once Job's steps down, we will begin to see machines that can do more work for less dollars, i.e. a Macbook with firewire. The older macbooks had firewire but crappy GPU, therefore, no MOTION or 3D Applications. The new Macbooks have dedicated GPU but no firewire, (always a catch), watch for these types of things to stop once Job's steps down. I think this increases Apple sales, not decreases and it's a good thing not a bad thing as consumers will win win with better machines, better price points, no more games, just dedicated hardware at a reasonable price and for the premium machines, more CPU and GPU cycles. Additionally, the Mac Pro will probably see a price cut within the next cycle as Apple will departure from the need to use ECC memory and the need for heavy heat sink memory boards. Again, another win win for the consumer.

    You haven't a clue what a control freak is or is not. Marry a bi-polar manic depressant. Then you know what a control freak is or is not.

    I've worked twice for the Man and he was nothing like my Ex-Wife.
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