Apple close to unveiling guarded Snow Leopard UI overhaul



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    Originally Posted by TBell View Post

    To me features means the ability to do something new, not merely a new presentation of the same thing. You wouldn't call a car offered in a new color a feature. My point is what constitutes a feature is up for debate. Apple can completely change the color and location of it's GUI without considering this to be a feature.

    I suppose everyone can have their own definitions for things.

    Companies that make their products in different colors would surely call that a feature, as does Apple with their iPods. It's a feature if it appeals to people. If you've ever bought a car, it's not likely that you said that any color would do.

    But I said "additions". What do you think that means?

    Right now we don't know all the features that will be in there. When we do, then we can argue about whether some should be called that.
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    Originally Posted by userone View Post

    BTW does anyone remember the "Architect/NotePad" UI Scheme developed by Apple JAPAN?

    Yes, I loved that theme. I used it for months, until I became irritated with all the inconsistencies and incompatibilities that all themes had, but which were particularly bad when Platinum got mixed in with such a spare and organic look.

    After that I gave up on themes altogether.

    I think the move to this "marble" UI is a no-brainer. Not that it's so much better--as long as the UI is clear and consistent, I'm basically happy with it--but if you look at the iPhone and the iPod touch and the iMac and the new laptops, that's Apple's new design language. Of course they'll use it in their OS, just as surely as they used a bright and colorful theme with striped white backgrounds when they had bright and colorful machines with striped white faces. Then, they emphasized transparency because their hardware did. Now, they emphasize translucency and reflectivity because their hardware does.

    It's really not that hard to adjust your UI when Apple does this, unless you're a Carbon developer. But if you're a Carbon developer you're already figuring out how to transition away, because Apple has long since made noises about how it's going away (really, being folded or re-engineered into Core and integrated into the Cocoa class libraries). Yeah, it's a little extra work, but you're going to do a little testing and polishing to make sure your app runs well in the new system anyway, right?
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